Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A cautious thumbs up

View towards Kinder Scout.

An old stone gate post, now just giving the dogs something to think about. I used to dread those stone "stiles" as I was never sure whether I would get through - obviously even I would have made it through this one!!

Suspicious sheep eyeing Minty ....she was pretty good, I think we've got the urge to chase sheep under control. Just in time too with lambing not far off.
Pretty fungi, about which I know nothing!

I've had a play with the WW online site today and it's definitely better than Spark People. I think the fact that you are set a clear points allowance helps; it is just too easy to exceed your calorie limit whereas points are a bit less "negotiable" shall we say...

I also think the activity tracker is better and like the fact that you can earn extra points by doing exercise. I didn't feel that side of things was very clear with SP. Not knocking SP unduly, it just didn't gel with me.

Anyway, it wasn't a great day points wise but I think that was inevitable on my first day. I know what I'm aiming for tomorrow. It worked in one sense though as I knew I was on the edge points wise so dragged myself out for a short run in the evening. Without that incentive, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone out as it was quite late. I'm looking forward to the lighter evenings - reckon I'll be a lot happier to get out running then.

I also picked up Beck and actually read the next page this morning!! I've been doing the exercises, reading the cards, menu planning etc but not really pushing forward and not really committing to it over the last fortnight. Well today, I began to get my mojo back. Ironically, the exercise today was about not being too hard on yourself! It was concerned with that feeling one has, when you've gone off plan and think that you may as well have the rest of the day off and start again tomorrow! It pointed out that what you've had might not be as bad as you think and probably won't cause much damage. What will definitely cause damage is going to pot for the rest of the day, eating loads more, weakening your resistance muscle and generally reinforcing failure.

That made a lot of sense to me. I had been knocking myself for offplan eating a while ago (although I do believe I said I wouldn't beat myself up!) and, when I look back at it, what I had really wasn't that bad.

So, I'm getting back on track without really going crazy and gaining weight. That's quite novel for me. Normally I have to do some proper damage before I get back to a regime! Progress?? Baby steps anyway.

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Peridot said...

Hmmm, yes, I haven't looked at Beck for well over a week which is telling. And I remember that compound thing - and am probably a living case study for it at the moment. I'm definitely doing what you describe about not being able to pull myself back until I've done real damage. And feel ill, wah, wah, wah. Woe is me....

Peridot x