Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Back on the wagon....

Not D, he's on the rig - just one of our mates from the pub - taken with the express intention of sending to D to annoy him!!
I don't like this particular Guinness hat (below) - prefer the model from 2006 which I found in our dressing up case in the garage (above)!!

This is the 2006 one again - much more substantial, less "credit-crunch-y"!

You know the drill: I slacken off on my plan; don't post as frequently; feel bad, maybe even gain a lb or so; do a quick post promising to be more vigilant; and then (touch wood) get back on track and post nearly every day for a few weeks.

Here's hoping eh?

Don't think the damage has been too bad, it's just the irritation factor of not sticking to this thing, again. Grrr...

Anyway, I really am going out very soon so no time to say much apart from....

[Adopt Arnie tone..]

I'll be back....

Oh, and Happy St Patrick's Day! The being married to a Paddy for nearly 15 years has drilled that into me eventually!


Claire said...

I'm not sure how you did it in that hat but you look foxy!

Mrs said...

Green...definitely your colour!!!

You'll be back and we'll be waiting!

Ha ha

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

You look great! Hope D was suitably annoyed!

Peridot x