Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Party time

I went Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve with my niece and her boyfriend in Lincoln, where I grew up. It's a lovely city and very atmospheric - I didn't trek up Steep Hill to the Cathedral and castle just to take touristy photos for you lot though - you'll just have to make do with the High Street!!

Elizabeth and Andrew - a really nice young couple.

Christmas tree at Mum and Dad's - that was about a quarter of the eventual present haul...it took over an hour to open them.....kids eh?!

It's been v v hectic chez Lesley over the last few days. Since I left my parents' place the day after Boxing Day, it's been non-stop partying and I'm beginning to feel the strain. Big night out at a house party in Bradwell on Saturday which was mellow but lasted a long time. Then up early on Sunday to drive down to Coventry for the football and a big session with my football pals.

The football was a disaster and absolutely freezing but the night out on Sunday evening was brilliant. Really good fun - we ended up, quite randomly, catching Hazel O'Connor (early 80's punkk/rock singer/actress) live in a really good bar and didn't get to our scratchers 'til about 5am. I don't do that sort of night very often these days but when I do I love them!

Then last night was another night out with friends although blessedly not a late one!

So, as you've probably guessed, not a diet friendly way of life. Still, I have been very busy, had loads of fun and not eaten mindlessly so don't feel too bad.

I'm certainly going to be ready to take on a quieter more abstemious way of life for a few weeks in January so that is a good thing. I think a few weeks of excess leads you naturally to want to cut back.

I've been too busy to exercise over the last few days but I have a spare day tomorrow and am going to go for a run - can't wait!

The other fantastic news is that D has managed to get off the rig today so will be with me later this evening. He's home for New Year's Eve!! Yay!!! He's requested a proper Christmas lunch on New Year's Day with my parents so I'm going to have to do the whole turkey and all the trimming AGAIN in a couple of days' time....sigh . Still, it's only fair as D was stuck working 12 hour shifts in the stormy Atlantic Ocean all over Christmas so I surely don't begrudge the effort.


Claire said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. You deserve it!

Mrs said...

Happy New Year for 2009! Have a lovely time with D and relive Christmas all over again!

Good luck with your run!

See you on the OTHER side!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxx

Isabelle said...

I am exceptionally impressed that you went out for a run on Christmas Day! I send you a virtual medal.

Happy New Year!