Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Shopping Saturday

I was bored and trying to inject a bit of Christmas cheer okay. Don't think Minty really bought into the spirit of it judging by the anxious look in her eye and the way she's gripping onto poor old snowman there!

I think I did a little better with my bijou tree-in-a-pot. Very cute, although difficult to get how cute it is in a photo as the flash wipes out the twinkling lights...

I succumbed to the shops today. Not my favourite thing but needs must I suppose. In the end, I did okay and got the presents I was missing. I also bumped into a superslim former colleague who, somewhat depressingly and very happily, had just given birth to a little boy. I was very happy for her (honest!) but slightly gutted at how slender she looked and how grotty I felt. No makeup, tatty hair, muddy trousers - not sleek if you will. She, on the other hand, as a new mum of 4 weeks, had just gone back to her running and looked groomed and fab.......sigh......

So, I must remember next time I go into town that it helps to dress up a little. That's the trouble with living in't'country; you get used to being fleeced and gore-texted up to the eyeballs and forget that not everyone has dogs and muddy boots!!

Anyway, foodwise, not brilliant but not too bad either. I had a pizza for late lunch but now don't feel hungry so will probably just have fruit for supper. I'm about to settle down to Strictly Come Dancing. The big final - can't wait...

I'm feeling well enough to try for a short run tomorrow too. Wish me luck!!


Mrs said...

Chin up chuck!

You has been ill!! You has gorgeous doggies and I LOVE the photos!!

Tonight I went to Tesco (oh the excitement) with my other half, in the evening, with glasses and...wellingtons! Not my best look but not as sad as going up and down the aisles on a Saturday night!! It's come to this, I thought!

Big fat kiss.

Your obese southern pal - yep, a whisker into the obese category : (

Peridot said...

Ahem,not your ONLY obese Southern pal - eh, Mrs?! I stand beside you!

I thought it was more of a rogueish twinkle in Minty's eye or a bashful look a la Lady and the Tramp.

Hope the run went well. You're a natural runner so it will come back. Promise.