Thursday, 11 December 2008

He's gone!!

My final batch of sunny frosty pics from Sunday. It was just such a beautiful morning I had to make the most of it photographically.

I think I'm looking a bit slimmer and the trousers are a size down from the ones I was wearing in South Africa.

No, not Diarmuid!! He has gone back to the rig but I knew that was coming. No, I'm talking about Huw, my lovely personal trainer!!

He told me ages ago he was going away in December but I promptly forgot all about it. Now he's actually gone for a whole month. (To New Zealand to do ridiculously healthy and outdoorsy pursuits with his girlfriend the lucky beast. Not the girlfirend bit - the New Zealand for a month bit!!) My next session is not until 13 January! I'll really have to pull my finger out now as I have been relying on the fact of those 2 sessions each week being my bare minimum to ensure that I don't totally fall off the exercise wagon.

[Hmmmm, how does that analogy work? Have I been clinging on by my fingernails being dragged behind the wagon or am I running alongside it trying to hop back in??]

One good thing is that I played badminton for the first time in years yesterday and loved it. Unfortunately, I played with a colleague and thrashed him (well, gently and nicely but you know what blokes are like, especially young lads). I tried to be kind but there was no hiding that I was WAY better than him at badders! If I could find another partner or another couple to balance out the disparity that would be a good solution for at least one session of the missing exercise per week.

Apart from that, I'll just have to suck up the pain and get back to the pool or the body combat class. I know I'll enjoy either of them when I get there, it's just the laziness and resistance I feel about actually getting organised and going in my lunchtime etc. Pathetic really.



Mrs said...

Hey!!! Lovely Lesley.

This is the motto for December...KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!

Since I am very good with giving out the advice but singularly pants at practising what I preach, how about trying to find the mindset that got you out on all those exercise activities last year? Can you remember how you got motivated? It's tapping into those feelings...that might help.

I did think - when I saw the heading - that it was...D!!! Mais non, it was Huw!!!

Give yourself some small goals.

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx (soon to be heading home again!)

Mrs said...

Oh yes, I meant to say...think about how you want to feel/be when Huw returns after HIS healthy regime over Chrimbo!


ThickChick said...

You're looking good Les!

I think you should schedule imaginary training sessions with your hunky trainer and then just do your best to pretend that he is watching you! ;)

As usual....beautiful photos! I want to go snuggle that lamby!