Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Busy busy busy

Dog wars on our walk on Sunday. Shelagh finds stick.

Minty wants stick.

She can't have it. Well, not without a fight...

Finally, one each....peace breaks out.

I can't believe 3 full days have passed since I last posted/my last confession. It doesn't feel that fast but I have been very hectic both at home and at work. I thought I was going to have a night in tonight but then got a call from my Lighter Life Counsellor asking me if I could make a class this evening instead of tomorrow. As it suited me, I dashed off and have been rewarded by a nice solid drop on the scales. I was not optimistic either as I had eaten and drunk before class and it was a day early so it just shows that you never can tell!

I noted the irony of listening to a message from my LLC and then rushing off to a class while I was actually in the middle of baking a Christmas Cake! I had to finish the final mixing in of the fruit and treacle and brown papering before I could leave. Still, the house smells GORGEOUS now and it should be ready in 30 minutes or so. I'm not going to touch it before Christmas of course but will take it to my parents at Christmas (where I might have a slice or two!!).

It was another good class this evening. Only 3 of us and I didn't know either of the other women but we talked about some useful stuff. I think it was good because they are both in Developers so still have a little way to go whereas I have finished and then started again. We all had different experiences to bring to the table. I think they appreciated some of the tips and stuff I had picked up along the way and I enjoyed being reminded of that full-on abstinence fervour and just why I did the diet in the first place.

After nearly 2 years, it helps to remember how crap I felt at my biggest and just how much I have achieved. The other 2 women were much closer to that feeling; still in that first flush of excitement at (so far) having dropped 4 and 6 stones respectively.

I've had a reasonable week. I've eaten twice, on Monday at a Christmas lunch and on Tuesday at Pizza Hut before the football. The Christmas lunch was a big 3 course meal and I pretty much ate all of it but Tuesday's meal was a sensible salad. Both of them were planned and I didn't use them as an excuse for going "off-road" afterwards. The other good thing is that I didn't eat over the weekend. I would have done if we'd have gone out for a meal but, as we didn't, I didn't weaken. So, I'm generally pretty pleased with myself.

Exercise is still somewhat minimal, just 2 proper sessions each week and one or two walks over the weekend. It's not terrible but it's not going to help me progress. I see it as treading water for the time being and I'm going to have another push at getting more motivated after Christmas.

So, I'm a woman with a plan and, so far, it seems to be working. I just need to keep at it, keep blogging and keep smiling!!

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