Sunday, 14 December 2008

Steady Sunday

No wonder I have to fill up the bird feeders every day (and with expensive white sunflower seed hearts I might add!). Cheeky little git. He was on the feeder for a good 20 minutes yesterday morning.

And, yet another new visitor. This guy is not the same as my previous pheasant as he has different markings and missing tail feathers. He's much braver too and he's been back again today I notice.

My "normal" birdy visitors were getting quite frustrated haivng to wait while the big bruisers had their fill. I could see the finches and tits queueing up in the trees waiting impatiently.

He would be a handsome chap with his lovely white collar if it weren't for the scraggy tail. I wonder how he lost the feathers; a close encounter with a fox or something more mundane??

After the bustle of yesterday, it's been nice to have a quiet day to myself. I met a friend from work and her daughter for a walk this morning. Paula has recently taken on a cocker spaniel pup and she, Misty, is beautiful. She's black and white ticked, rather than roan like my girls but otherwise very similar. I would have taken photos today but the 3 of them were so manic it was tricky to get any shots at all!

Paula was keen to socialise Misty with other dogs and I can see why. When she arrived, Misty went ballistic when she saw Shelagh and Minyt, even before Minty had gone anywhere near her. She (Misty that is) has the most high pitched, piercing, yelpy bark I've ever heard. Like a squeeky tin can. Nightmare. The only time mine ever make a noise like that is if I accidently step on them.

Anyway, after a very noisy and choatic 15/20 minutes or so they all settled down and we enjoyed a muddy tramp for the next hour. I think it was a great sucess and I'm sure we'll go walking again.

Since then, I've just been having a quiet day, tidying the house, baking another Christmas cake and writing cards. Bliss.

Pleasingly, I don't seem to be interested in eating at all today - bizarre! Must have been TOTM which was causing the desire to stuff my face over the last couple of days as that has all gone now.
Oh, I forgot to update too. After my pessimism, the football went reasonably well with an exciting nil nil draw (it can be exciting NOT to see any goals, honest!). And the carol concert in the cave was lovely. It was beautifully lit and very atmospheric and we had a good old singsong accompanied by a local brass band. Then took the dogs up to the pub and had a pleasant pre-Christmas Saturday night out.


Mrs said...

Hope you've had a good Monday!


Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxx

Emma Wood said...

Hey :)

Just seen you like Jane Eyre in your profile, ever read Jasper Fforde's 'The Eyre Affair'? it's awesome!

I love it when you just bandy about words like 'I lost 7stone' like that's not a completely incredible thing! If I could ever lose 7 stone I think I'd deserve a Nobel prize or something!!!

Mrs said...

Hope you is feeling better!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx