Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Much better now

D with his usual smiling photo face!!

My lovely village, nestling in the low afternoon winter sunshine. I love it when you get that pinky glow.

Me in the pinky glow with Bad Minty as she is now known!

A random pony who caught my eye.

I went to my class on Thursday evening and had a predictably poor result on the scales. Not a gain but not wonderful. But, it didn't depress me for the reasons I mentioned in my last post. I was pleased to be there and it's all part of a learning process after all.

As it happened, no-one else in my class could stay for class, they either dropped in to get weighed or had arranged to come another evening. That meant it was just me and the Counsellor. Perfect eh? An hour of free one on one therapy. I made the most of it believe me.

We did a thought record together about my row with D on Tuesday evening and it was quite hard work it has to be said but very worthwhile. I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of it but I found it very revealing, very helpful and quite emotional.

She was great and I only cried a little bit!

Since then, D and I have been on more of an even keel and he's started to come round as he usually does to a more middle ground position so we are working together rather than pulling apart. We've had a nice if somewhat unspectacular day today and hopefully we can do what we've wanted all along, which is to have a nice time together before he goes back to the rig for Christmas.

In other news, I found sticking to the diet hard yesterday. I felt much more positive after my Thursday night class but I also gave blood and felt quite faint so ended up having a few biscuits. I know I probably didn't really need them but there we go. I stopped the rot in the evening though. Today has been much better food wise.

This morning, the dogs had the shock of their lives. We had arranged for a dog trainer to come round to help us whip Minty into shape. We didn't have any problems with Shelagh when she was a pup but she is a naturally submissive dog . Minty, on the othre hand, thinks she is the boss of us and it has caused some problems with her behaviour. She's not a helldog or anything but she could be much better. Anyway, the trainer has diagnosed her and given us a list of commands and things to do to stop her barking at the front door when visitors come; jumping up; not coming back to us; and pulling on the lead. So far so good. We can see improvements already.

If only it were so easy to adjust human thinking eh? God, if someone could come around to your hosue, receive a rather large cheque and then give you a few commands so that you no longer pick at unnecessary food or graze from the fridge or crave bread with fab would that be? I suppose that's why hypnotists are so popular in the weight loss world - people think it will be a magic solution. I presume it's not or we'd all go...

Anyway, the not pullingon the lead thng is her most resistant bad trait so I spent a frustrating walk today trying to get her to walk to heel and snarling "Baaah" at her repeatedly in a guttural low pitched growl as per instructions...anyone who heard me would have assumed I was cracked.


Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures.

I wonder if there's a way to train cats not to scratch the wallpaper?

C said...

Great post and so true. If there were only something that would work that would take care of human problems. Oh, if it were only that easy. I loved the pictures. Keep up the great work on the exercise and food front, it will pay off. I wish it were easier though.