Tuesday, 13 December 2016


My weight is finally heading steadily in the right direction! Another 4 lbs off last week and today showing a drop from that. It's a bit tricky to be exact as, being excessively wary of targets and not following through, I didn't really, officially "start" to diet.

My weight had been, at the beginning of bootcamp, 16.10. Through bootcamp it rose (!) to 16.13. A couple of mad weekends later it peaked briefly at 17.6!! Gulp. Thankfully, after 4 weeks of commitment (and very little deprivation), I've dropped down to a much happier 16.7.

I'm feeling that this way of life is sustainable. I average around 2000 calories per day but make sure my exercise is sufficient to achieve a deficit of 500 calories per day. (This is exactly what our bootcamp leader was telling us to aim for, ironically.)

At the moment I'm managing to exceed the deficit most days but not by much. I seem to have one day per week when I eat more so that will be my 'treat day' (also as advocated by bootcamp). Not to go mad but to have those little extras that you fancy from time to time.

I've upped my step target to 11k per day and beat that most days with a total of 86k last week (golf was only 8 holes hence the 4k drop from last week).

I'm managing around 50-60 active minutes each day and between 20 and 50 flights of stairs.

In short the Fitbit way of life (for, as you may have spotted, I have embraced it wholeheartedly) suits me and my chimp. She seems to have bought into it - maybe the competitive,  rule based aspect? So, while I know I have to be vigilant and not let things slip, this is great at the moment. Long may it last.

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Seren said...

That's BRILLIANT - go you! What an inspiration, especially given the time of year. Woohoo indeed!! Sx