Friday, 23 December 2016

Pre- Christmas musings

The Fitbit is helping me fight a rearguard action against Christmas and its effects.  We've been going out with various pals and having a few drinks and I'm having some seasonal treats but I'm not going mad and I am doing loads of exercise so (so far) my weight is staying stable.

I had had a week with lots of walking but only one run so was slightly concerned that I was losing my running mojo but that week proved to be just a hiatus. I took myself out running on Wednesday and again this morning. The pics are from Wednesday and they show the end of the year's shortest day. The end comes so early. I went out running just after 3pm and you can see the long shadows and golden glow which heralded the imminent sunset.

I really loved those 2 runs - felt totally satisfied and happy to be out. I'm also noticing how much stronger I am going up the hills. I haven't been logging my runs through Fitbit for long enough to see if my times are improving but I will be keeping and eye out for this.

In other news, I'm over in Lincolnshire to see my dad before he heads up to Scotland with my sister's family. They'll also be here overnight but they'll probably arrive late and leave early on their long drive up to Montrose near Aberdeen. I don't envy them that. I persuaded dad to take the train and booked him a first class ticket and I hope he will be more comfortable doing that.

Dad is playing the piano for the carol singing in the pub this evening. I have prepared songsheets and he has practised not just traditional carols but also several Christmas standards - Jingle bells, White Christmas, Let it snow etc. I hope there is a good crowd and they are in good voice. I will be chief singer and page turner so I'm going to be tired later. I so hope it goes well for him as I think it is a brave thing to do at 85 with cataracts obscuring his vision!

Here is a snap of him running through them before we set off!

I love that he has put all his Christmas cards up same as ever even though he hasn't decorated this year because he's going away for Christmas. 

I have had quite a few sad moments in the approach to Christmas missing my mum. Last year it was still faw so I don't think I thought about Christmas much but this year she pops into my head at odd times. Usually when I'm doing something mum like.  Bittersweet. Bitter that she's not here but sweet to have those memories. I found a card I had obviously bought early for last year to "Mum and Dad". That floored me a little. 

It must be much worse for Dad but he is being fantastic and making the most of life. He will be having his cataracts done early next year and is full of plans for after that - including visiting me in Derbyshire and my brother in Australia!!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I hope you are with the people you love if at all possible. 


Hazel said...

Best festive wishes to you, Lesley! I enjoy your blog very much, but don't feel the need to comment very often - but today my thoughts are with you. It's so tough having lost your mum, and it will be a tricky number for your dad too - but he sounds like a very good egg indeed.

Peridot said...

Grief is a funny thing, it can rise up an engulf you when you're least expecting it and I am thinking of you and yours.

I envy you your sing-song. I love carols, despite not having a religious bone in my body and have sorely missed being in a choir this Christmas.

I know I keep saying it, but beautiful photos (as ever)