Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Stepping out

It is not difficult to reach 10,000 steps when you have time for a decent walk at some point during the day but if you don't it can be tricky.  Today I was in the office and thought I would go for a walk into town at lunchtime.  A few thousand steps, no problem.  Except suddenly I have a meeting over lunch and then a pal to meet up with but only enough time to go to the cafe downstairs.  Gulp - no walking.

I fought a valiant rearguard action.  I took the stairs throughout the day - random, needless treks down and then back up 2 or even once (stupidly) 3 flights. I had to go to Morrisons so parked at the far end of the car park and then walked the long way around the store to buy the kettle I needed.  I was still way short of steps.

Woe.  I was knackered though so couldn't face a walk or run when I go home.

Luckily Richard needed me to stop at B&Q on the way home (JUST what I felt like doing).  However it did provide another opportunity for extra steps.  I parked in the deserted far corner and trudged across the dimly lit car park thinking to myself that maybe this wasn't such a sensible idea.  B&Q is suitably ginormous though so finding the skirting board nails used up loads of steps, loads!

Even then I was still a couple of thousand short.  Cue pointless trips upstairs for, er I don't know, something or other.  Anyway, I have powered through and hit the 10k only to remember that I increased my target to 11k so no satisfying little buzz today....

I know this is terribly dull but bear with me, I'll fall out of love with the Fitbit sooner or later.  Or at least my crazy-in-love will subside to a routine, been-married-for-a few-years sort of comfortable affection.

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