Monday, 19 December 2016

Calories!! They're everywhere!!

Do you like our (not so) festive cocker spaniels??! The annual seasonal tormenting of the hounds was especially satisfying this year. So much so that we're going to make them dress up for their walk to the pub on Christmas Day!!

Another week has passed and, despite my valiant attempts to muck it up by eating and drinking, well, everything on Saturday, I managed to drop another lb. That takes me to 16.8 which is 12 lbs lower than my high point a few weeks ago and heading steadily in the right direction. I have been at 16.7 most of the week but Saturday was fairly ruinous so I'm happy with the singleton.

We went on a pre - match Christmas pub crawl. Train into Sheffield at 9.45. Into the pub for beer and breakfast by 10.30 and then powering through to the game at 3pm! 6 pints and a Wetherspoons brekkie. Gulp.

Actually I pretty much logged my calories the next day by way of analysis and I realise I could EASILY have made the day considerably better. I didn't need the Large breakfast (weighing in at an eye - watering 1,532 calories). I would have been perfectly happy with the Traditional at a mere 922 calories(!). Probably could have cut out one pint and saved another 220 as well.

But it was in the evening at home where it went properly wrong. I had a reasonable evening meal but then mucked up with a crumpet while I cooked "cos I was hungry"; a mince pie with cream; a line of galaxy chocolate and a milky hot chocolate made with chocolate chips. That little lot came to an unnecessary 900 calories! So what they say about having a treat but not letting it carry on and on was very true for me. Could've been a 3,000 calorie day rather than a 4,500 day!!

So, I shall live and learn and next time we have a big day out maybe I won't muck up quite so much.  Having said that it could have been worse still - I turned down 2 pints and a curry!! Eeek - how many calories would THAT have been?

I'm walking like a mofo though. Last week's stats show a decent 65km walked and 6 and a half hours of Active Minutes.  This compares well to the week before although I haven't done as well with the running. But the really good thing is that I'm not showing any signs of giving up. I'm still logging calories and trying to increase the exercise even when I know it's not going to be a good day.

I wonder if I can keep it going for a whole year?? We're off to Australia next December. How wonderful would it be to be significantly thinner by the time we go?? That is going to be my motivating goal - slim for Oz!!


Pam said...

Aren't you doing well??!!

Peridot said...

The Santa Spaniels are adorable!