Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Santa's Scramble - those crazy golf club ladies...

So, it was time for the anual Christmas shenanigans at the golf club.  The day when all the ladies in the comp dress up in festive felt and cheap nylon, highly flammable products.

It's great actually. So much effort and commitment and quite a bit of imagination.

I liked this team of 3 french hens.

 The frosty ladies...

We were the Christmas Spices and my those wigs itched!

The wind played havoc with Posh's wig - she ended up more Siouxie Sioux.

 Me and Baby on the 18th tee. We played pretty well and came second overall and won.....wait for it....hottie handwarmers!! (You put the gel pack in the microwave and then keep the little woolly pack in your mittens to keep your paws warm.... that's golfy  ladies for you.)

After the comp was my first Christmas meal of the
season. It was delicious and really good fun. After a long time not attending these do's because of work but I'm getting much more involved now and reaping the benefit of that.

Sadly I still had to go home a bit early missing the singsong  and get back to work though (on 1.5 glasses of wine). Luckily a few emails came through and I had a productive afternoon despite the lack of brainpower.

So, all in all a good day. Oh and the carpet was fitted too so we almost have a bedroom. I thought we might be moving back in this weekend but then Rich reeled off a list of jobs still to be done. Gulp. None of them fun either. We made a small start by hoovering all the fluff off the newly laid carpet and cleaning the radiators. Oh the glamour.

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