Monday, 5 December 2016

Happy Mondays

It was another working from home day (well, half a day) so me and the dogs had a treat of a lunchtime walk in the frozen mistiness.  It was very cold but still and hazy.  The sun couldn't make it's way through the cloud so the light was milky white.  I love those days.  Sounds carry further and are are heightened so the blackbirds and fieldfares in the hedgerows sounded like blacksmiths clattering about.

The frozen ground was good on this bit of the path which is otherwise a mire of mud.  Bloody farmer fenced it off and now you can barely slip and slide your way to the other side (unless it is frozen like today|).

|These horse can sometimes be a bit frisky and inquisitive.  When they first get let into the fields they go a bit crazy and crowd around the stile and scare the dogs.  Today they were supremely unmoved and remained picturesquely at a distance.

The pretty village of Bradda hiding the haze.

Anyway off into Sheffield  for a dental x-ray and some Christmas shopping which all went very well (lots of steps).  Driving home was just gorgeous - I stopped at the Ladybower Reservoir  to admire the view.  Magical.

So, scores on the doors at the coal face of dieting??  Not bad Rodders, not bad.  I had a horribly inflated starting weight after my 2 weekends of excess (and TOTM) so the 6 lbs off is probably a bit flattering but hey, I'll take it!  It'll be back to slow and steady next week.

I was pleased that I managed to properly log my calories for 6 days out of 7.  I know that Saturday was well over my calorie target as I had 2 pints of Belgian Blue and a glass of red as well as a cooked brunch and supper of slow cooked ox cheek with mash and veggies and apple pie for dessert!!  However, it was a treat day and I didn't have anything else!

Also I was pleased that I managed to stop the rot straight away on Sunday with a run first thing.  So, I'm still positive about the Fitbit inspired stepping and calorie counting.

My steps are improving.  In my first full week I managed 71k but last week it was up to 92k and I hit 10k every single day. Likewise Active Minutes - first week 232, second week 409.

So there are 2 targets to aim for in week 3!  

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Seren said...

Brilliant result - well done! And your STEPS! My aim for the New Year is definitely going to have to be to up my game on that front. Sx