Thursday, 29 December 2016

We have been off for a few days and yesterday spent the morning champing at the bit waiting for some friends to call round.  They eventually turned up but only had time for a quick visit. Lovely to see them and we have a proper weekend booked in now but I wish they'd let us know as we could have been outside in the frozen sunshine!

I get very frustrated when I can't get outdoors on free days off. It wasn't all bad as I did spend some time  tidying up in the garden but picking up dog poo and sweeping up frozen rotted leaves is not QUITE what I had in mind for quality outdoor time!!

The minute they left we grabbed the dogs and managed a good 80 minute tramp round the village. It was getting pretty cold as the sun had slipped behind the hill but was still gorgeous as ever. Well, you can see for yourself as the photos are above.

Today I have been at work.  Pointlessly we have to have cover in the office between Christmas and New Year so every year I endure an irritating trip to Rotherham to do little of any great importance. Today I did lots of useful administration type tasks but nothing which couldn't have waited. I didn't receive a single email I hadn't prompted or a single phone call. Really - what is the point?!

But I made the best of it by planning (and actually going for) a run! I have not been running at work for months so this will hopefully get me back in the groove. I debuted (is that a word?) my Christmas gift running gear from my sister and it was extremely comfy and, dare I say it, stylish.

The canal was frozen and frosty and I ran a good solid 5.2km to the third lock! This is further than I used to go so the Fitbit walking and  running must be having some effect.

It's a good job I've logged some extra calories as we're out to supper soon. In fact I had better get ready now!!

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Seren said...

The quality of light in those pictures is absolutely gorgeous!

Our office is the same with regards "cover" - it is utterly pointless but at least an opportunity to get some admin out of the way.