Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The wasp at your picnic

It was all going beautifully. I took the dogs down to the old railway track at Bamford. It was wet, misty, drizzley and muddy but not too cold or windy. Perfect for running. Everything so peaceful, no one around except blackbirds and squirrels. The air and all the countryside felt so clean and fresh. After all the stories on the news about Aleppo and Southern Rail I felt like the  luckiest woman in the world to have all that natural beauty to myself.

I felt strong and healthy and elated. I was planning to run a good long route - up to the dam wall and beyond (like we did, Beth). I had just started up the steep hill to the dam wall when I felt the first twinge in my calf. I stretched everything out but it was too late. I couldn't run up the hill; my calf hurt too much. 

So, I soldiered up the hill somewhat gingerly and tried running again when we hit the flat. It was fine at that point so, to make up for walking up the hill, I ran over the dam then turned round and ran back and back again! 

I was fine after that and recovered my earlier joie de vivre. I managed 5.2km in 42 mins which is not bad considering the stopping to stretch and the walking up the big hill.

Football tonight - a local derby against Barnsley. So that will be a decent walk to and from the ground on the plus side but temptation to drink pints of Belgian Blue on the negative side. Wish me strength!

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beth said...

Amazing, Lesley! And well done on the weight loss (just catching up on your blog.) When are we doing another run?! x