Monday, 4 June 2012

Post holiday hopes...

Well, we're back from gorgeous, gorgeous Pembrokeshire.  If you've not been and like holidaying in the UK, I would highly recommend it.  Here's a tasty of the coastal path between St Non's and St Justinian's.  You will, of course, be seeing a lot more of this sort of stuff but it was beeeeauutiful.

The wildflowers were EVERYWHERE. They crowded every surface, every wall was encrusted with clumps of the pink field scabious above and the daisy-type flowers below (which could be either Sea Mayweed or Ox-eye daisies according to my flower book).  The sheer quantity, variety and colours were stunning.  I especially loved the way that every cliffside was adorned with clinging floral clumps.  Sigh...

And the sea - so blue and calm (while we were there at least - from the look of the cliffs, arches, caves and stacks, I suspect it can be pretty wild).

My lovely boy enjoyed the views (from a safe distance away from the cliff edge of course...he's not keen on heights!).

Whereas I like peering right over and seeing what you can see down each cove or inlet.

We reached the tiny harbour of Porthclais and took the dogs down for a drink and a swim in the stream.

It's hard to imagine boats sailing into that remote little speck of a place laden with limestone to burn for fertilizer.  The breadth of human ingenuity is so often awe-inspiring.

Foxgloves everywhere too - they're not blossoming up here yet.

The coastline is littered with tiny rocky islands so the birdlife is pretty impressive too.

We're just rounding the head and can see Ramsey Island in the background now.  More pics later (you don't get off that easy....)

Anyway, we're back home now and have enjoyed a quiet Jubilee weekend.  We both played golf yesterday (separately) in showers of pouring rain and freezing, windy drizzle.  I would NOT have chosen to play but it was a knockout match which had to be played by 3 June so we had to play come rain or shine.  As it happened, the cold and rain worked to our advantage.  It was mixed pairs and we were playing a married couple.  She is lovely and a very good golfer.  He is a good golfer.....but not so lovely.  Talk about a petulant, spoilt brat.

Anyway, as it got colder and wetter he got more and more miserable.  He started getting frustrated and whingeing as if it was only HIM who was cold and wet....and we knew we'd got him then!!  Trouble is....the conditions were terrible so we couldn't finish them off until the 20th hole!  We were all square after the 18th so we had to walk up the massive hill on the first again and then eventually won on the second, the second time round. 

I have seldom looked forward to a shower as much.  And to cap the chap's rudeness, they didn't even come in for a drink with us afterwards...very poor show....

Today has been a lovely nothingy day. Lie-in, breakfast while watching the Jubilee Thames Pageant taped from yesterday, followed by a sunny dog walk, some chores and now settled down in front of the Jubilee Concert.

It's not usually my sort of thing but I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it this year.  And the Thames Pageant from yesterday was outstanding (shame about the weather though....).

We're going to stick our heads outside the house at around 10.26pm tonight to watch the Bradwell Edge Beacon being lit against the skyline (I'm not climbing up that hill in the dark!!).  And then a nice early night.....isn't being middle-aged grand?!

I suppose I ought to mention the diet.  I haven't been to a proper WI for several weeks now.  Not for want of trying believe me but it just hasn't worked out.  My scales tell me that I came back from holiday a single lb lighter than when I left.  I therefore need to get straight back onto the straight and narrow so as not to waste this unexpected boon.  Easier said than done as I'm in such a chilled holiday zone....tomorrow, it'll all get back to "normal" tomorrow, I promise.....

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Peridot said...

Great pics - looks beautiful. And 1lb LIGHTER? That's.... astonishing. Good for you!