Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WI update

Second to last lot of Wales photos - these are from our boat trip around Ramsey Island.  We'd had a curry the night before so I'm surprised Rich looks so happy here as we arrive as he wasn't that gone on the idea of a jet boat trip without having a dicky tummy.

So here's the boat...I was very excited with the whole life jacket and strapping yourself in.   I can't believe that the people in the shop had told us we could take the dogs - the idea of our 2 jumping all over this boat while it zipped over the waves is NOT a good one.  We certainly would not have seen much in the way of seals or seabirds!

The scenery was great and the jet boat allowed us to whiz in and out of arches and caves and see things you don't normally see from the shore.

At the mouth of the straits between the island and the mainland is a chain of vicious looking rocks called The Bitches.  Presumably as a resutl of all the ships they have claimed.  We were able to hover around them and it was, even in those calm and non-threatening sea conditions, it was extremely choppy. 

The Severn estuary is the second highest tide in the world after the Bay of Fundy which I've also visited as it's in Nova Scotia near wherer my brother and cousins live.  Because of the high tides, the water rushes over the rocks in a most exhilerating manner.  We were assured that the boat would be "fine" crossing which really reassured us.....


The colours of the coast were spectacular.


Gulls and things...

Can you see the elephant?  If so, which way is it facing??

Crashing waves.  Love 'em....

One of the many seals we saw.  BUT, they were all bobbing in the water so this was the best shot I got.

Caves are cool.

And so was the final high speed whipping across the bay at the end of our tour.  Woooo Hoooo!!

So, I went to my weigh in last night.  I didn't feel well but I went.  I didn't stay though as I didn't think people would appreciate me coughing all over them. 

And I dropped 2lbs!  Which, considering I had had a big fat curry over the weekend and had not been able to do a lot of exercise due to the lurgy, is not bad at all.

My overall stats are woeful, mind.  Since February when we came back from Rome and I started again (again, again, again.....) I have dropped only 4.5lbs!  Which works out at about a lb a month.  Hmmmm

I have STILL not hit my half stone and I'm nowhere near fitting into the piles of nice clothes I have sitting in a case in the spare bedroom.  But, this is not the end of the world.  I have dropped a few lbs and not gained any.  I'm living a reasonably decent lifestyle, am happy with my gorgeous boy and having lots of fun.  I'm back teetering on the edge of a good groove and WILL make this work.

Not long to my half stone now......


Peridot said...

Pah! 1lb a month is GOOD for me. Currently I've lost 2lbs THIS YEAR. My maths is inadequate to work out how much a month/week that is - probably such a small number, you'd need a strong microscope to see it!

The elephant is facing left of course!

Looks like a great fun ride.


Love Cat said...

Love the PMA! And excellent work on the 2lbs.

I'm also sick fed up thinking about the pathetic amount I've lost this year - but at least it's going down the way! x

Isabelle said...

The elephant is indeed facing left. And a loss is a loss.