Friday, 25 May 2012


Sorry for the radio silence - I've been very tired and very busy getting ready for our hols.  You know the way works suddenly takes a turn for the hectic just when you want to slope off out the door?? Well, that!

Anyway, while I wait for my slow as hell work laptop to finally load something, a quick post to say hi and update you.

I couldn't make WI on Tuesday as I had a last minute golf match.  Turned up, glorious sunshine, really looking forward to the game.  Our opponents did not turn up!  Grrr  We phoned them and have managed to book a matchtime for the day after we come back from hols which is also the deadline for playing that round.  It was a very weak excuse too - oh I thought you meant next week!  Oh yes, I'm very likely to book the Tuesday night when I'm in South Wales and I specifically rang you to sort out a date before we went...!  Hmmmm

Anyway, we had a nice round anyway an I had an unofficial WI - a stay the same.

More golf Wednesday night - not very good but a gorgeous evening nonetheless.

And manic ever since.  I literally cannot wait to finish up here and pack.  We're going to a gig tonight - Reverend and The Makers at the Leadmill in Sheffield.  That'll be good although would have been better 2 weeks ago when it was originally scheduled.  The lead singer pulled his back so it was re-scheduled for tonight.  I suspect our drive down to Pembrokeshire will be a little subdued tomorrow!

Hurrah - document has loaded - better get back to my final task for the day.....

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Sarah said...

Hope you have a lovely break. We all need get to the point we need holidays and I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in Wales. My fingers are crossed for the weather!!

Sarah x