Wednesday, 27 June 2012

NOT eating.....

I found some random walk pics from May.  As you can see, they are a little out of date as the lambs are still only babies and we're wearing fleeces...well, maybe that last one is not so relevant given the weather we're having.  It's not exactly June-like is it?

These were taken above Hathersage near Stanage Edge and Lees hall.  One of my favourite short walks - it only takes an hour but there are fields, a wood and stream, a ruined papermill and chapel, the the looming rocks of Stanage Edge and then Lees Hall itself.

Doggie on a Rock!

 The view down towards Hathersage.

Although it was sunny - we had to keep our speed up to avoid the imminent thunder storm.

The Hall is let out as a holiday let  by the Vivat Trust I believe.  I'm sure it costs a packet but what a building and what a setting!

It was a struggle after Zumba last night to haul myself back out onto the golf course this morning but I'm glad I did.  We were first out and sailed round in 3 hours.  It is called Millionaire Golf - when you have no-one in front of you and no-one behind.  We saw hardly anyone else on the course although it was busy by the time we got back to the clubhouse.

I played well but let a few too many go on the greens so my score was only okay rather than good.  I cracked my driver last week ( it is dead now) so was playing with what I hope will become my new driver and I LOVE it!  I didn't hit a bad shot with it all the way round.  Yay - happiness is a secondhand Ping G10!

On the diet front, I am exercising restraint.  Wouldn't it be nice if you lost weight by NOT eating stuff.  I mean if you got "credit" for not eating things which you wanted to eat??  I almost ate a Magnum bar today, almost had toast or cereals for breakfast, a glass of wine at lunch, a chocolate bar during my round of golf.  But managed to turn down or put away all of the above..  Heroic!  Instead, I had bacon and egs for breakfast, leftover sausage and butterbean casserole and rice/salad for lunch (hardly any sausage left in it - mostly just the veggie/bean casserole) and strawberries with yoghurt instead of the desired Magnum.

Honestly - that Magnum is becoming a trial.  I bought it weeks ago - before we went on holiday and they have been sitting in the freezer calling to me ever since.

I'm off out to take the dogs for a walk now and then some appointments later on so my day off is not going to be a lazy one.


Peridot said...

Mmm,love a Magnum - especially the one with the oozy caramel layer in between two chocolate layers.

I definitely think you should get credit for things you turn down. Mind you, if only that were true, I'd be a sylph. Alas...


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