Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Can you OD on sleep??

Some sunny beach pics to cheer me up from my sick bed.  I typed up the post below yesterday  when I was starting to feel poorly but I'm proper rubbish today so off work mooching around with the dogs.
Below are pics from an evening walk on Caerfai beach near to St Davids.  We'd been out golfing all afternoon so took the pooches up to the beach for a run around.  It was beautiful as you can see.

Minty likes a good bark in Shelagh's ear.  It must be really annoying...

But Shelagh gets her own back by being a much better jumper-for-sticks than Minty.

Minty just can't seem to time her jumps properly!

And, despite the evidence of this picture, Shelagh is braver about the water and will go in the sea, even though she's not keen on the white froth of the waves....

Just look at those gorgeous colours!

I'm used to Rotherham Red sandstone but this pink was something else - almost shocking!

Shelagh finally found her courage and managed to go into the surf to retrieve sticks - doesn't she look jaunty and pleased with herself?

 Even Rich was running....

Consolation stick for Minty.

She might be a barky, cowardy custard but she is fast!

Then back up to the car and a quick pic of a scenically situated seagull (how alliterative!)
Rich was away Friday and Saturday on his club's Captain's golfing trip. Never one to miss a girly opportunity, I arranged for my pal Kerry to come over to watch the footie with me. She is in the midst of a tough time as her mother has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. How bloody terrible is that?! Her mum is a lovely woman in her 60's and now the family has all that to cope with. I know several of you will know exactly how horrible it all is. I feel so sorry for Kerry who is an only child, has only recently come through breast cancer herself and now has to face this.

Anyway, she came over and the thing she wanted to do was "have something bad" ie. a curry/chinese/fish and chips! I had been thinking I would cook a nice, healthy supper as Kerry is normally a very healthy eater and now she wants something bad! Rats. Ach well, a friend in need and all that - we shared a curry. Luckily I'd been good all day anyway and we didn't end up going to the pub so I drank much less than I might have done in the pub. I tried to limit the damage but really, a curry is a curry and is never going to be low cal.

That said, it was delicious and I made sure to get right back onto the straight and narrow on Saturday morning. We had a good night - a good chat and football too. Proper girls!

Saturday was a good long walk with Kerry and the dogs - she meekly accepted the hills I forced her to walk up as penance for the curry! At one point on a deserted farm lane, Minty spied a running rabbit. I tried to call her back but to no avail - the hunt was on. Yup - rabbit number 2 succumbed to my little hunter. It put quite a dampener on our walk, I can tell you, having to prise the possibly still alive body of a baby rabbit from Minty's jaws only to find that it was dead after all. Poor little thing. Minty has been annoyingly sprightly and pleased with herself ever since, as though she knows she's a proper huntress now or something. Gah!

And then, as Saturday descended into cold drizzle, we did a great thing! We went to a matinee at the Lyceum in Sheffield. It was full of  chirruping older ladies but what fun. We saw 42nd Street which is a cracking musical. Who doesn't feel cheery watching a big cast of gorgeous young things tap dancing and singing jazzy show tunes? The costumes and big set spectaculars were truly fabbie. And I didn't know so many songs came from that show - "We're in the money"; "Keep young and beautiful"; "I only have eyes for you"; "42nd Street" (of course) and several more beside which sounded half familiar. Loved it (and felt extremely youthful in the company we were keeping!).

So I was in a brilliant mood as I drove home from Sheffield expecting Rich to be home when I got back. But then (unbeknownst to me) I started feeling poorly. And with the poorliness came grumpiness. So, instead of being happy to see him, I was grumpy at his hangover and the fact that we weren't going out to the 40th birthday party I only vaguely wanted to go to in the first place. And soooo sleepy too. The grumpiness continued through Sunday morning when, although I enjoyed my game of golf, I couldn't snap out of my funk and played terribly. Of course this was all Rich's fault as well. Anyway, eventually, the cough and achiness came out properly and I realised what was going on (and Rich managed to cheer me up despite my gloom).

We both needed to catch up with sleep but we also both wanted to watch the final round of the US Open. What to do?? We hit on a plan which no sane person would choose - we went to bed just before 9pm intending to get up again at midnight and watch the last 3 hours. Thankfully, sanity intervened and, when we woke at midnight, we checked the leaderboard, realised that Lee Westwood had no chance and went back to sleep!! So that was an unprecedented 9.5 hours kip! And, although I'm still poorly (tickly, turning into hacking, cough, achy etc) I feel much better for the marathon rest.

Tonight - we're off to dancing (poorly or not poorly). But I'm looking forward to the sofa afterwards and do not envy Rich going back out to darts. Mmmmmm sooofaaaa......

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