Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Golfing issues

Some golfing pics from a couple of our rounds in Wales.  This was St Davids which was a stunning course.  Well, the course itself wasn't gorgeous being sort of featureless but the views FROM the course were gorgeous. 

And this was Newport Links which was a truly stunning course with views of the beach and hills beyond.  The Brains bitter beforehand was pretty good too....whistles....

So, I mentioned that I played golf today.  It was first for me - a Scratch match!  For non-golfers, this means a match against another club where it is assumed that you all play off a zero handicap so there are no shots given to the weaker player.  As I actually play off an 18 handicap, this could mean that I have to give a huge advantage to the other side so the whole concept was a little scary. 

Anyway, we were short of a team and a work meeting had just been cancelled so I agreed to play and today was the day.  It was good fun.  I went out last so was in the weakest pairing and, despite my fears about Scratch, we were pretty evenly matched.  After a ding dong battle I eventually won my match on the 18th hole which meant that the team won the game overall too.  Pat me on the back!

What I hadn't appreciated was how much faffing around there is in these matches.  We arrived at 10am and had tea and sandwiches, then played, then changed and had a meal and finally finished at 5.30pm.  For me that means a full day's leave just to play golf.  Which explains why I have only played in one match before (an A team match when you play off your official handicap).

It also explains why I didn't make it to my weigh-in.  I didn't know how long it was going to go on for or, crucially, that we would have a 3 course meal afterwards!  I could just about have made it to WI but didn't fancy it with soup, salmon salad and strawberries along with a glass of wine and 2 coffees sloshing around in my tummy!  Also, I would have been going to the later WI so would have missed Zumba.

I concluded that I'd rather Zumba and burn off supper than weigh it and get all depressed!

For the record, my home scales were showing a STS or possibly a small gain this morning so the weekend and the lurgy haven't been toooo cruel considering.

Update - lest anyone think I gibbed out of WI, Zumba was HARD!  I have worked my little socks off and feel happily and sweatily virtuous.  Hopefully I can make this a new Tuesday routine (without the golf match).  Work, WI, home to change and straight to Zumba.


Seren said...

Ooooh, well done you for winning your match! My experience and knowledge of golf is, I'm afraid, limited to childhood trips to the pitch and put (and I was rubbish at even that) but I am full of admiration for those people who can actually play. It seems such a civilised sport somehow!

And I think your choice re WI was the right one. You know roughly where you are via the home scales and you've had a fab workout. Win, win.

Hope you're thoroughly de-lurgied and looking forward to the week ahead.


Peridot said...

I think you made the right call - zumba was going to do you more of a favour than a WI.

And well done on the golf!