Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Clash of the Titans

Well, Hope and Enthusiasm were no match for Feeling Poorly.

They fought valiantly but there were defeated by an occasional but racking (wracking?) cough which left me feeling weak and pathetic and sorry for myself. To be fair, I think Hope and Enthusiasm did help me fight a rearguard action and ensure that defeat did not become a rout. I have not succumbed to the worst excesses of Poorliness but there has been no proper exercise, just feeble dog walks and one round of golf last week. And there have been a few poor choices (Wednesday evening's toast bonanza and Sunday night's vat of red wine spring shamingly to mind).

It is, therefore, likely that I will not have dropped any blubber this week. The tentative green shoots of recovery peeked shyly above soil level and then failed to grow. Still, they have not been crushed so there's always next week.

Several glasses of Rioja on Sunday night watching the football did not help. Why did I not stop after 3? Why did I carry on to 6? My head hurt yesterday and I'm gloomy about the effect they will have on this evening's WI. I blame Italy for failing to put us out of our misery in normal time. I had a chance of stopping the rot if we'd been defeated in 90 minutes but an hour of extra time and penalties added a couple of glasses to accompany the nail-biting and then a final one as a consolation in defeat. I admit it, where football is concerned, my resolve is as weak and feeble as a newborn kitten!!

In other weekend news - erm, not much. A quiet day of chores and a cold, wet, windy walk on Stanage Edge on Saturday (only 90 minutes or so but "brisk"). Then on Sunday morning our respective golf games were cancelled due to waterlogged courses. We replaced golf by taking the dogs on a very pleasant 5 miler around Ladybower reservoir so all was not lost. It is becoming a struggle to find interesting walks which will not be mudfests but this one is pretty good being on decent footpaths or tracks. Then there was the fateful football watching in our local....

I have resolved to reintroduce exercise into my life now that I am almost recovered from the lurgy. Dancing tonight. Then there is a new Zumba class up at Richard's golf club on a Tuesday evening. They have held a class on a Thursday evening for a long time now but that clashes with French but, as Rich plays golf on Tuesdays, I have no excuse now. I should be able to get to my WI and then over to Zumba with no trouble but rather a lot of windy country roads. Obviously, it would be better if I could do the class BEFORE WI but that could be cheating... I also have a golf match in half an hour - off scratch - I'm going to be slaughtered! - and another tomorrow. Training on Friday so just Thursday to fill.

As to Rich's diet, heralded with Hope last week, well, I've not seen much evidence of it starting as yet although it has been mentioned in despatches a couple of times. I have provided healthy bread-free lunch options and will have to watch this space!


Peridot said...

Men are annoying - they stop eating bread, cut back on beer and hey presto, lose a couple of lbs.

Illness is a tricky one - I always want carbs (especially bread) when I feel ill. Hang in there.

Hope you're feeling better - and nurturing those shoots!


Linz M said...

I am also blaming Italy for my inability to stop drinking on Sunday too.

Hope you're feeling better and the result at the scales is not too bad x