Monday, 11 June 2012

Big weekend - feeling grim.

Our second big walk was from Caerfai beach to Solva.  The weather wasn't too promising when we set out but the sun burned through the cloud as we walked and it got progressively warmer and nicer which is definitely the best way round!

No, this wasn't our holiday cottage.  A bit ropey but what a glorious view down the valley to the sea!

This was much nicer and it faced right out onto the ocean as well.

Strange cobwebby stuff covering yards and yards of bushes and plants.  Wouldn't like to fall into it and the dogs kept well clear for a change.

Doesn't Minty look svelkte and athletic when she's had a haircut?!

Svelte?  Athletic?  Haircut?  Erm....notsomuch (but lovely anyway....)

We did have to negotiate SOME hills look!  All the way down to sea level and then back up the other side.

Ha!  I managed to capture eye contact from Shelagh on film - a rare event!

Last weekend I have mostly been playing golf!  Competitive matchplay golf and very sucessfully too.  I returned from my parents' on Thursday afternoon expecting to be playing in my singles knockout that evening.  As I got to Mansfield it started chucking it down and the downpour got worse and worse the closer I got to home.  I have never been so relieved to discover that the course was closed so we had to rearrange our game for Saturday afternoon.

We played on Saturday and, despite rain all morning, were blessed with rainfree warmth, even a little sunshine!  And I won!  My opponent is a steely competitor who won loads of trophies last season but I kept my head and stuck doggedly to my task and played really well.  It was good dingdong match but I got my nose ahead by the 9th and held on for the next 7 holes.

I haven't played much matchplay golf but I'm finding that I really enjoy it.  Singles are easier than pairs as you don't have the added burden of feeling responsible to your playing partner but they are both good fun, especially as my 2 pairs partners (one male, one female) are both really nice and fun to play with - we gel, which counts for a lot!

Then, on Sunday morning, I played the same woman I'd beaten on Saturday in our pairs comp.  After a very poor start from me and my partner Fran, we clung on through the bad holes and then stormed ahead to a comfortable 6 and 4 victory.  We were sooo excited!  We've got a very strong pairing next but bring it on - I'm sure they're thinking the same about us!

So, despite my weight hitting its lowest since February on Sunday morning and doing lots of exercise - did I have a sensible Sunday afternoon/evening to capitalise on this and hopefully enjoy my WI tomorrow??  Did I hell.  I went over to Rich's golf club for their Summer Meeting fun day.  Drank loads of cider and ate barbeque.  We stayed far too late and drank far too much (there was dancing!)and consequently I feel ROUGH today. 

Thankfully I have been working from home today so did not have to drive or look smart for the office.  We're missing dancing 'cos we're just too tired to face it so just the England game to look forward to. 

And the weigh in tomorrow of course - my first for several weeks.  Yikes!


Peridot said...

Hmm, I wish a haircut had that effect on me - but then, I'd have no hair left if it did!

Well done on the golf and fingers crossed for the WI.


Dee said...

I so enjoy reading your blog and am happy you share your life through blogging. Well done on the golfing.