Saturday, 5 April 2008

Missing in Action!

Actually I'm fine but thanks for all your thoughts and best wishes. My computer totally died on me out of the blue and is in Intensive Care. I'm at a friend's now just checking a few things so thought I'd pop on to make my excuses. Weight wise I'm not losing but not gaining. I'm exactly where I was on my last post so that is good.

I'm still going to personal training and running and am on schedule for my half marathon at the end of this month. The pups are still gorgeous and loads of fun. I should be able to post some pictures next week when the computer is back and running.

I had better go - there are kids and dogs everywhere in this house and they're cooking tea too . Keep up the good work everyone and I'll be back on track soon. Byee!!!


Crystal said...

So good to hear from you! Glad things are going well and you seem to be on the right track for your half-marathon.

ThickChick said...

AAAAAAAA!!!! Life without a computer!! Ooooh..hang in there!

Mrs said...

How you doing???

How's the computer?

Puppy porn pleeeezzzzzzzz.

I need the distractions.

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx