Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Well - I managed to drag my self out for a good length run last night even though it was raining and it was great. The rain stopped quickly and the evening sunshine came out. It was chilly but pleasant. I managed to make myself run further than I'd been intending to as well so that was a bonus.

I have found the training quite hard in the last few weeks. At first I was really keen - running 11 miles at the weekends and 3 times during the week. Then I got a bit of a cold and felt sluggish and also, I think, I lost the fear as I knew I could do the 13 miles and my training fell off a bit. I'm still going out but not for such long runs and my failure rate (as in the days when I intended to run but didn't) has increased a little bit. Now I have my half marathon in less than a fortnight and I'm having to buck up my ideas.

Still, after last night I know it'll be okay just not quite as okay as it could have been! Story of my life eh??

The other thing I've noticed is how bad carbs really do affect me. As an example - I don't generally have biscuits in the house but last weekend had my sister and her brood (4 teens plus one boyfriend) so thought I had better stock up. When they left on Sunday there was half a pack of (delicious) Hobnob creams left over. I thought I'd have a couple while watching some TV then go out for a run. I ended up having the whole lot (half a pack!!) and fell into a horrible dozy slumber immediately there and then on the sofa. Now I wasn't that tired, and had been feeling fine before I ate the biccies. It felt crap. And I didn't end up going for my run although I did eventually get out for a consolation walk. I really learned a lesson there.

Yesterday evening when I was trying to talk myself out of going for my run because I was tired after work and it was raining, I remembered how crap I'd felt on Sunday and dragged myself out and really enjoyed it. Must hold onto that feeling. When I got in last night I was much more productive too - cooking and cleaning and doing a few chores even though it was after 9 so all in all, much healthier.
I tried to post some puppy pics but Blogger wouldn't let me. Will try again when I have more time! Sigh....

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Mrs said...

Totally resonate with all of this (well, not ALL since I am NOT RUNNING right now).

You sound really sorted and conscious of the crappy moments in between that just...get you when you are least aware.

I promise you will feel so proud of yourself when you've done that half marathon! What an achievement it will be.

Keep going lovely Lesley! We're right behind you, all the way.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx