Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday Monday

Morning all. It's getting very close to the time when we have to say goodbye to little Bobby. It's going to be horrible. Poor little mite; leaving his Mum and big sister and going to a house full of kids and guinea pigs! Actually, I wish I was about to move in to the place he's going to! It's fabulous - a big country hall on the edge of a beautiful Peak District village with a walled avenue of oaks leading up the drive and amazing views, not to mention the pool and the historic house itself.....drool! Still, now we're related (sort of) we'll probably be going up there a bit more!!

Hey ho - although I still think that Bobby is the prettier dog and he's more adventurous than his big sister, I think we've got the better creature temperament wise. She is quite mellow and loving whereas he can be a bit relentless. It'll probably stand him in good stead in a busy family though. If I took them to dog shows though I would have picked him in a heart beat - his lines and markings are stunning.

I've had a good weekend training despite the horrible weather. It's done nothing but rain and be cold, grey and wretched here - not exactly spring like! I managed to drag myself out for 2 good runs though - a very hilly 6.5 miles on Saturday and an equally hilly 8.5 miles on Sunday.

I was especially pleased with yesterday's run as it was foul weather, really rainy and windy and I managed to keep ruinning up a very long steady hill right into the teeth of the wind. I did the famous "reframing" thing beloved of Mrs Lard! I was telling myself that the wind was good - it was cooling me down; it was making my legs stronger so that next Sunday will feel easier; that the hill was stretching my lungs etc etc Whenever I felt knackered and wanted to stop I forced myself to find some positive statement!! I was getting a little silly towards the end but it was fun.

I'm fine when I'm not running uphill - on a relatively flat surface I can run for miles without feeling tired so the hills are good training. But they do hurt.

Anyway, I'm doing alright for sponsorship - I still hate asking but I steeled myself to do a round in the pub last night and got £75 which I wasn't expecting. Thanks to all who have sponsored me through the Just Giving website - it is really much appreciated. Anyway, I had better do some work now - hope you all had a good weekend.

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Peridot said...

Wow - that reframing sounds so admirable. I grit my teeth and chant "slimmer, fitter" as I pound round! Not quite as positive but I need to drown out my inner voice saying "I can't, it hurts, I'm too tired" etc etc

Keep going!

Peridot x