Monday, 28 April 2008

Day after half marathon...

Like Mother.....
like daughter.....Minty is such a Minime....

Not too bad. A bit sore and I wince whenever I sit or stand. I'm okay once I'm actually sitting or standing but the act of doing either (and going down but not up stairs) is a tad painful!

I've had a lot of lovely attention though at work and home so , being an attention junkie, I'm very happy! After the marathon, we had to race back home, shower, change and race into the village for our friends' daughter's christening. It was a lovely occasion - beautiful home and garden for the party afterwards, nice weather, good crowd of people, ultra cute baby who behaved as if she had been cast for the part by Central Casting (which is more than you could say about the priest!).
Anyway, now I've finished my race I have to find a new goal to work towards. In the meantime though - I'm just going to try and drop a few lbs before we go to Ireland for D's sister's wedding in a few weeks time!!! Just half a stone/10 lbs or so so that I can fit into a killer outfit. I've got 4 weeks so that should be manageable.
It was nice this evening not to have a schedule to think about and to just go up to the top of a nearby hill (in the car!!) with D and the dogs and take them for a slow ramble on a quiet, dog free lane (she hasn't had her second jabs yet). Minty isn't yet up to long walks but it's fun watching her explore the world and follow her Ma around like a bitey little shadow.


Peridot said...

How much did you raise for the RSPCA Lesley?

Will try and copy your steely determination not to eat from the smack table. Of course this is after making myself ill yesterday on 6 biscuits and a 100g of dark chocolate - actually had a racing heart and shakiness. And still wanted more! Durrrr, roll on Marissa (this week!)

Peridot x

shelley said...

Glad your first day went well. The first few days were the hardest for me, then I got my eating routine (I like Meusli for breakfast too) and now it is much easier.

Mrs said...

OMG! Those pictures are just utterly, utterly gorgeous!!!

So proud of you doing your big run! Awesome. And now your new goal is the wedding and then you'll need a new fitness goal.

Well done!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx