Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wednesday morning

Here as promised are some pictures of the pups on their first walkette. As they haven't had their second set of jabs we drive them to a remote hillside where there aren't any other dogs and take them for a little wander to give them the idea of the great outdoors. They loved it but got tired very fast so we had to carry them. It doesn't do to give them too much exercise young as their bones are still developing and you can strain them. Not too bad for small breeds but still an issue.

Bobby is going to his new home tonight. I'm going to miss him but at least we can start properly training Minty and getting into a routine. Everything's been on hold for the last week or so in that department and I'm tired of picking up doggie poos...

Exercise wise, I had areally good workout yesterday morning and a walk in the evening and I'm planning on a 5 or 6 miler this evening. Then I'll have personal training tomorrow morning and do a small stretching run on Friday and that'll be it before my first ever half marathon. Yikes!

I wonder what I'll feel like doing after I've finished the big race. I might want to keep on running a la Forrest Gump but be a bit more scientific about it? I've seen a few running blogs where people log their times and try to get their mile rates down. Or I might branch out into mountain biking or do a triathlon. Or I might re-focus on dieting to get that pesky stone off. Who knows. I'm sure it'll come to me.

One thing I am sure about is that I'm going to keep on being active and I'll always do some running as I really enjoy it.


shelley said...

Lovely pictures!

In my limited experience with running, the races really give you a rush and make you want to do more...I'm sure you will do great.

Good luck!

Crystal said...

Such cute pictures! I'm envious of your running...I'm still trying to perfect 2-3 miles! All in good time, right?

Mrs said...

Oh my goodness. The cuteness. The gorgeousness.

Will be thinking of you saying au revoir to Bobby. Be ready for feeling empty!!!!

In the meantime, the half Marathon has come round SOOOO quickly!

Very proud of you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

shelley said...

Yeah! I'm looking forward to working our booties off together! So far, so good for me...

Hope your race goes well!