Thursday, 17 April 2008


Well, due to the computer disaster it appears that I have lost my photo management software. grrrr. I know I'll be able to get it back but it's annoying to have to reload everything all over again.

Anyway, in the meantime, I hope you like the photo of little Bobby. He's much prettier than his big sister isn't he? I don't know why but he's very delicate in build compared to her. He seems just as active but is featherweight compared to solid old Minty. Their weights differ too and she gains slightly more than him week on week. I hope she's not going have a weight issue like her ma!! He weighs 5lbs and she's over 61/2lbs! I call her little I'm probably setting her up for a lifetime of self-esteem issues! Luckily she doesn't seem too concerned.
Bye all....


ThickChick said...

Oh Lesley.... your babies are so freakin' adorable.. I want to reach through my laptop, scoop them up and talk to them in baby-voices. I'm so excited that you're keeping one of them! Your Shelgah (I know I spelled her name incorrectly!) will probably be thrilled to have a buddy around.

You're going to ROCK your 1/2 marathon!!

Mrs said...

OMG! Where have the pups gone? These guys are mini-Shelaghs!!!!

They are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute, though. Thanks for posting puppy porn, in spite of the faulty/lost software.

Much appreciated!!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

BOTH puppies are adorable - I prefer my dogs on the chunky side personally! My mother saw a chocolate merle cocker the other day and said it was the prettiest non-Labrador she had ever seen! She's very keen for me to get one of those - and so am I!
Peridot x