Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Day 2 of new regime...

Well, I've made a start at trying to lose 7-10lbs in the next month before D's sister's wedding at the end of May. It's not been bad at all.

I had personal training this morning which always sets me off on a good track. I took it steady as my legs were still sore but after all the stretching I've felt fine all day.

Foodwise, I'm trying to stick to a fairly steady diet. it might be a bit boring but I want to impose some rules into my eating.....I don't want to go back to abstinence but want to recapture the safety of it. I think that's what Mrs L is doing with her 5 days on abstinence.

So - it's muesli, fruit and skimmed milk for brekkie; a salad or maybe jacket spud for lunch with fruit or yoghurt as required and then a light supper - either a salad or grilled meat and veg. I'm trying to steer clear of bread as it's a major trigger for me but as long as I don't have more than 2 slices every few days, I'm not going to beat myself up.

I'm also sticking to the "Step AwayFrom The Snack Table" Challenge. I realised that, while I was on the packs, I didn't eat any biscuits or snacks at work - none! I didn't really miss them to be honest. I knew I couldn't have them so I didn't fret. I might have struggled at home in the evenings but, at work, I didn't miss the snacks. So why have I suddenly taken to scoffing again?? It's a really bad habit - empty, pointless calories.

So - I've decided that is one area where I can set a proper rule - NO SNACKING!

I'm pleased to report that I've managed 2 clear days so far.

In other news, we're struggling with toilet trianing Minty. We have both spent ages mooching around outside waiting for her to wee or poo so we can congratulate her effusively but she's not really getting the idea. From memory with Shelagh you need a lucky break with a few coinicidental sucesses so she makes the connection. We'll get there.

She is SOOOO sweet though. A lovely little doggie and she and Shelagh play together brilliantly. They just roll around biting each others' ears and tails and romping for hours at a time. It make me feel a little guilty that we deprived Shelagh of the canine company for so long. It's beautiful to see them together.

Peridot - I've been collecting my sponsorship today and think, when it all comes in, that I'll be at around £800 plus giftaid of another £200 or so. So I hope I will have near as dammit reached my target of £1000. Thanks for coughing up to those who did - it is MUCH appreciated.

The other major thing which is going on in my sad little life is my near constant worrying about Sheffield Wednesday. We're engaged in a nasty relegation battle and, although we have a decent chance of staying up, it is all going to wire and the last game of the season on Sunday. I went to the game away at Leicester on Saturday which was a fantastic victory and an amazing atmosphere so now I'm hungry for more of the same. We should have a near sell-out against Norwich at Hillsborough which just raises the stakes even higher. Would you belive that I'm starting to feel sick with nerves with 5 days to go??!

Hey ho - strangely, it's going to be horrid when it stops - I really miss football in the off season and I won't even have the European Cup to distract me....sigh...

Oh well, enough of the bloke chat. Off to bed with me. Hope you're all well and thriving. xx


Crystal said...

The no snacking rule is a great one. I find it relatively easy to do at work since I'm usually overloaded with stuff to do but my evenings can trip me up. Hope you have done well the rest of the week!

shelley said...

I had some chips and wine on Wednesday, which totally threw me off my game on Thursday, but not horible. Back on track today...hope your regime is going good!

Mrs said...

What news, lovely Lesley?

Are you enjoying the garden, the sun and the extended family?!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

janine said...

Hi Lesley
Just been catching up on your news. Congratulations on your sponsored run. I have eventually bitten the bullet and made appointment with CDC this afternoon (done my homework and my drs, won't, it would seem sign the forms for LL)I know you have done both - did you find much difference? I appreciate that you get much more intensive therapy/counselling stuff with LL but with Dr's attidudes I don't have the luxury of a choice.

shelley said...

Okay, enough with day 2 already, how are you doing?