Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Wednesday - danger signs...

It's Wednesday morning and I've just stepped on the scales to see (apparently) an 8lb increase since yesterday!!! I suppose, yesterday could have been on the light side and today could be on the heavy side and I'm certainly retaining water which could account for a couple of lbs but 8!!!

I suspect the carb overload from Sunday evening and Monday evening is kicking in - aaaargh! No wonder my jeans were really tight last night.

So - it's back to being really strict and I WILL fit a run in at lunchtime even though it's not really convenient.

Grrr, just when I think I've got it pegged, a kick in the teeth. But, if I'm honest I knew the carbs were pigged out on on Sunday evening in particular - where did I think they were going? I just got away with it on Monday night!!! Bad Lesley.

PS. the photos are from one of my runs while staying at my parents - how flat is that?! It was a lovely frosty sunny morning - extremely cold but well worth getting out for!


Guinea said...

Keep one thing in mind. Crooked thinking works both ways.

It is impossible to put on 8lbs of fat after a weekend, even on high carbs.

You would have to eat 28,000 calories on top of your normal diet to do that.

So don't beat yourself up about it, you'll be fine.

Glam said...

Yup, I'm with guinea. It's just not possible. Yes, it sucks to see that 8 pounds on your scale, but it's not REAL poundage! No way.

Drink tons of water and flush some of that right down the drain! Chin up, tomorrow's a new day and a chance to make better, low-carb decisions! ;)

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Totally understand the freak out. Totally understand the BAD Lesley comment BUT BUT BUT as Guinea and Glam have rightly said, it's not damage from two days ago.

We did a fantastic exercise in class tonight, which I have written up already on the blog (yep, back to what worked in foundation....err, homework and blogging!). Since you and I are on similar paths, I really hope this helps for you. Not sure if I have conveyed how powerful/useful it was. Of course, the proof will be on the other side of Christmas when I get ready for The Spice Girls!!!

Forget 8lbs! Focus on all the things you are doing right AND what little adjustments you can make to get back in the zone.

Hang on Lesley and start walking round the hole again!!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx