Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 17 December 2007

Monday - Sucess at last (sort of...)

Well, we had a fantastic few days off - really Christmassy and relaxed. It's a shame D has to be away working over Christmas and New Year but at least I know he's had a good send off.
We went to my parents for a couple of days near Lincoln. It was really cold and crisp and we just did nice things like running across flat empty fields and paths (well - that was me and Shelagh not me and D!); Christmas shopping, cooking an early Christmas dinner for D, going to the pub and just generally relaxing. Really gorgeous and I thanked my lucky stars once again at how well D gets on with both my parents. I love his family and he loves mine and that makes everything so much easier!!!
On the Friday we headed up to the North Yorkshire coast at Robin Hoods Bay for a night. Our friends, Eric and Sophia had rented a cottage for a long weekend and invited us to stay for a night as we have done for them a couple of times. I was being a bit negative on the drive up there - thinking it was too much of an effort just for one night. But once we arrived and saw the lovely roaring coal fire and the 2 bottles of red waiting for us on the mantelpiece, I realised what great idea it was. We unpacked quickly and headed straight out to the beach for a quick walk before it got dark and took a few photos as you can see above.
Shelagh loves it there - she can run around the streets off the lead as there is no traffic and can poke around all the little cobbledy streets and gennels and she adores the beach of course. The whole weekend was freezing cold - icy and below zero degreees most of the time but that was good too - a great excuse to wrap up warm and cuddle!!
It was a lovely relaxed evening - athough I drank more than I do usually, I interspersed the wine and mulled wine with plenty of water and didn't feel bad in the morning. We had a goregous meal (with no holds barred) and played a mean session of scrabble in front of the fire to finish off. Aaaah....just right.
So - foodwise, I was very good at the start of the week and got progressively more "relaxed", shall we say, as the week went on. Sunday was definitely my worst day. On the positive side, I didn't have any bingy type days and I went running 5 times during the week anbd walking on the offdays. I went to my weigh in this evening and I have stayed exactly the same (to the ounce!!). So, all in all, I take that as a sucess. I'm aiming just to hold on until after Christmas and limit the seasonal damage before having a good push to lose a few lbs in January.
I'll talk about all the parties and weekend stuff when I next post, hopefully tomorrow.
Hope you're all doing well and not pigging out....keep exercising and January will be much easier!

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Mrs said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

I think maintaining your weight is a job well done. And as for the exercise...running five times in a week?!?!?!? Blimey!

So glad you had lovely time away and you deserve your WI result.

V.good, Mrs Doyle!!!! Gold stars all round!