Thursday, 20 December 2007

Thursday - ship is steadied...

Thanks guys for your lovely comments. I feel a lot more rational this morning and the scales are now showing a more manageable gain of 2lbs. I knew in my head that I hadn't slapped on all that weight in a day but you can't help freaking out a bit. Still it kept me focussed!! We had our team's Christmas buffet at lunchtime and I did partake, but sensibly and then in the evening I went out for a long steady run and resisted all temptation just having a nice bowl of soup and a slice of wholemeal for supper. In other words I did what "normal" people do - when you've had one high caloriemeal, you cut back afterwards and do some exercise to offset it.

So - it's our department's proper Christmas party this evening. The food won't be anything special so I have no intention of going mad there but it's whether I stay and drink too much or am sensible and drive and head home early. I think the latter as I don't know that many people at the big party anyway. I think I'll keep my powder dry...

I really am just hanging on with this weight thing at the moment, for every 4 or 5 good days where I might claw back a lb or so, there is one bad where I can easily slap 2 or 3 back on! It seems so unfair but I can't think like that - it is my reality.

I'm actually looking forward to January when it will be easier to be strict with myself.

If I sound a bit glum - it's not all weight related - D went out to the rig yesterday and is away for the whole of Christmas and New Year, back on the 4th January! What bad timing is that? We're used to it but we've been having such a good time together recently that it makes it harder for him to go away. I'm not really glum just not as perky as I usually am this time of year. I do have lots of nice things organised though so it won't be all bad.

BTW, the pictures are on Robin Hoods Bay again. Our chilly walk on Saturday morning with Eric and Sophia. It was great though, we got into fossil hunting and I found quite a few of them - no idea what they're called but they're pretty!

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