Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tuesday mornng - another fresh start

I'm sure I've typed this before but I feel as though I've been in a fog diet wise. As though I've been eating on auto-pilot and not exercising any choices as an adult. Just eating what I wanted at the time and then feeling guilty and fat. Well, the first stop in reversing that worrying trend was last night when I went back to class after a break of 4 weeks to discover that I've gained 5lbs!! That's an overall gain since I started eating again of 1 1/2 stone!

So, I'm going back on 2 packs a day and one sensible meal until Christmas and then, in January, I'm considering going back into abstinence for a few weeks to lose what I gained and then starting RTM from scratch. I feel as though I have never done it properly and that is what is causing me the eating problems. I'll see how I do up to Christmas though. If I can lose weight in these 2 weeks, I may just carry on with this regime.

So - goals:
  1. I will eat packs for breakfast and lunch and not snack on anything other than a modest amount of fruit and maybe a Muller Lite yoghurt in between meals.
  2. For supper I will prepare healthy, salady and vegetable based meals. Very little fat, no bread, no potatoes. Basically week 2-4 of RTM.
  3. I will not come off this regime just because it's the weekend or I'm visiting my parents or we're in Robin Hoods Bay with friends. If I had been good over the last few weeks, I probably would have been able to relax a bit now but, the fact is, I have not earned that relaxation so suck it up Lesley - this is your new reality.
  4. I will continue with the exercising.
  5. I will recognise that I have done really well over this last year, lost loads of weight, transformed myself and my body and that not everything is bad news. In fact, I have done so well that I want to hold onto this fantastic thing that has happened and not eat myself back into oblivion.
  6. I will be an ADULT. I will use my power of free will to make choices about what I do: whether I eat something or don't; what I choose to eat; whether I choose to do something else or choose to exercise. I have the power and using it wisely will make me happy.
  7. Finally, I will go to class and stay for the chat part at the end. I will blog more and report back how I'm getting on.

Now I had better get off to work. I feel much more positive now. I had been worried as I knew it was slipping from my grasp but as Mrs said "knowledge is power"!! Thanks all.


Peridot said...

Wow, you're so self-disciplined and strong - guess that's why you've achieved so much this year. I read your resolutions and there's no doubt in my mind that you'll do it. Good for you (and if you figure out how to bottle and sell a dose of your will-power then please get in touch and name your price!).

Peridot x

Glam said...

Good luck, Ms. Lesley! You're resolve and determination is strong; I know you'll do this!

We're all here cheering you on!