Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sunday before Christmas and I'm still not ready...

But who cares?! It's a gorgeous day; I'm going to spend Christmas at home with my parents; and I've seen all my mates on the last day or so so what does it matter what the house looks like!?

I went for a run this morning with Shelley. It was hard work but we both felt much better afterwards. She hasn't been running for weeks and I've had 4 days off so the hills could definitely be felt on the old lungs!

I then set to trying to get the house sorted but I've had a low level headache all day so couldn't really make good progress. The fog finally cleared at about 2.30pm so I made the snap decision to get out and walk up a hill in stead opf slogging away to little effect. We went up Win Hill and it was fantastic - crisp, low, winter sun; cold but not freezing; quiet and refreshing. I feel like a new woman now and will do another hour or so on the house then go out and see some pals.

I'm pretty fat to be honest but not pigging out so it's not getting any worse - January will be the make or break time for me I think. I keep reminding myself how big I was this time last year. I'll dig out some piccies from last Christmas so you can see the difference!!

In the meantime, I hope you like the pictures I took this afternoon - Shelagh was happy with 2 expeditions today...

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Mrs said...

Beautiful photos, Lesley!

Wishing you a really fabby Christmas and just think WHERE you were, weight-wise, last year.

Just think how far you have come!!!

Lots of love

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx