Saturday, 22 December 2007

Saturday morning and I'm too busy to talk to you lot...!

Yup - I have so many chores and the house looks as though a bomb has hit it. I have the Sky Plus man coming, want to go for a run, need to tidy my entire house, shop for Christmas and all that before 12 when I go to the football!! Think I will have to set some priorities!

Diarmuid has just Skyped me from the rig. He's just got his laptop sorted and bought a new webcam which actually works compared to his last one. We had a really good chat and thought how nice it'll be over Christmas to be able to chat and see each other. That was all fine until the dog realised what was up and came to investigate. She's always been a bit suspicous of me talking to the computer and thinks she can hear her Daddy but being able to see him clearly too was just too much. She sat on my lap transfixed staring at the screen and wagging her tail. Then when he talked to her and she recognised her name etc she started howling like a wolf - her nose in the air emitting this low mournful howl. Really sweet but quite sad too. D loved it to start with but we realised we were messing with her mind and we couldn't talk over her howling so, if she doesn't get used to it soon, we'll have to ban her from the bedroom in future. After the call she just sat on my lap howling and wimpering for ages - really poignant.

Anyway - enough of that rubbish. I've not been bothering about my diet for a few days now as have been manically busy at work and then with Christmas events and chores. As a result, it's been fine. I've had whatever I fancied but not much as I've been on the run. Not had any angst or bother and not, I just need to keep my life going at a breakneck speed forever and I'll be fine!!!

Hope you like the piccies which I took when buying our Christmas tree at a NT property near Sheffield called Longshaw estate last weekend. It was soooo cold that day and dark - these were taken at around midday! The hoar frost on the trees looked like shavings of coconut and Shelagh thought they were very tasty. She wasn't too happy about not being to swim - but it probably saved her from a very cold couple of hours while she dried out.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a wonderful festive Christmas and don't worry too much about food - eat what you fancy just don't overdo it! And try and fit in a run or walk too....

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