Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tuesday evening - How'd I do??

Very well so far! I've stuck to all my goals and been exemplary today. I have been an 'adult' all day and reasoned myself out of several temptations - "Ooooh, chocolates on the tree at work, I'll just have one!" "Do you really want one Lesley?" "erm, yeah, but no but, yeah but, no but..." "No - you're right, I don't REALLY want one....grumble grumble..." And so it goes on.

But, today I have the zealous gleam of the born again dieter. I am pure, my body is a temple and none shall pass etc etc. We've all been there. I just have to keep doing this for....well, ever actually!! Hey ho...

The pictures above are our bedroom. After nearly 4 years (!) of living in a pit while decorating the other more public areas of our house, we finally decided that WE were worth having a nice room too and we set to a few weeks ago. It was a pretty nasty job as we had to take out horrid melamine built in wardrobes and strip nasty woodchip and vinyl wallpaper etc but, once the plasterer finished his magic and D did his stuff with paint brush and screwdriver (well I hleped a fair bit last weekend), I stepped in for the glamourous stuff and I'm pretty damned proud of the results! Still have to put up more pictures and a some shelves for books and the final final finishing touches but it looks and feels lovely. I treated us to new duvet, cushions, sheets and pillows so everything is fresh and shiny!

Is it an analogy for what I did to my body?? Neglected it for years then carried out a major overhaul. Now just have to keep it tidy and clean (aka fit and slim) until we can sell next year and move to France!!! Try telling that to the dog - she's just acquainting herself with the new duvet cover as I speak - sigh!!

Oh well, one day down in the pre-Christmas challenge. I feel thinner already. Keep it up everyone - don't make the January blues worse than they're going to be anyway by pigging out now!!

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Mrs said...

Looking lovely, Lesley!!!

You and I are definitely at the same stage - have posted again - on our current subject of choice!!!

What fabby views from your window. Bet it feels amazing in your new bedroom - not unlike your new body?! Definitely analogies a-go-go!!!

Hang on in there, my friend. We'll crack this, we really will.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxx