Thursday, 11 October 2007

Pictures - you haven't had any in a while!!

I thought the blog was looking a bit bare with no piccies for a while.

I went on a massive run on Friday evening before my meltdown began. In the picture with Shelagh looking up at me, you can see where we started in the far background - right at the bottom of the hill!! Then we ran gradually to the top and along Stanage Edge and gradually back down. I even added in a diversion thinking it would add an extra 10 minutes or so but mucked up and ended up taking the wrong turn and adding an extra hill and another half hour or so to our already long run! Shelagh loved it but was knackered for the rest of the evening!

Looking at the piccies though you can see my tummy!! It's not really that bad as I think I'm leaning backwards holding the dog and I'm not as bloated now as I was then but you can definitely see that I've gained weight!!! Eek.

Still - it's going in the right direction now and I've not lost the plot, just had a hiccup.

I'll post my Sunday walk pictures tomorrow. It was gorgeous and sunny - I wished I'd kept that feeling of peace I had out on the hills going all day. Need to remind myself sometimes how lucky I am!


Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

I thought I was up to date and bam! Loads of posts.

I am going to send you something from minis, which Goombagirl wrote. It will help both of us, I am sure.

Sorry, I don't feel I've been around to offer a shoulder (when you so generously did) this week. You've needed one. You sound perkier though.

I'm sending you a big hug and kiss from the sick bed! My landlady and my mother both said, well, it will help with the weight loss!!!

Lots of love

Mrs Lxxxxxx

PS LOVE the new photos - Sheila is SOOO cute.

Guinea said...

I've been off the weight loss blogs for a couple of weeks but have just caught up with your recent posts. It looks like RTM is a rollercoaster for few folk out there.

I am positive you can work it out, you've done so well to get where you are now and there's no reason why you can't finish the job.

By the way, the bottom picture is great, very nice shot.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

What a gorgeous area to be able to walk.