Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Day 265 (i)

Just a quick post before I set off for work to affirm my intention of sticking to the straight and narrow. I was pretty good yesterday - everything was calorie counted and noted on my WLR Food Diary coming to a grand total of around 1,400 calories and over 500 calories worth of exercise (against a target of 1,800 without exercise).

I looked back over the last couple of weeks since I signed up to WLR and realised that the days when I've logged everything have been without exception, sucessful. BUT there were far too many days when I just didn't bother and those were the days when I went off plan, sometimes in a grand style!

Not sure which is chicken and which is egg but I do know that if I can keep on plan until I go to Ireland (on 14 Oct) at the very least then I will have lost the few lbs I have gained and will be feeling a whole lot more in control.

I was pleased with myself last night actually as my friend stood me up so I stayed in all night but still stuck to the plan. I had my (delicious) soup for supper but then, when was (head) hungry later, fobbed myself off with a cup of tea. And later, when I REALLY wanted something, I carefully made a snack of 2 Ryvita with cheese and cucumber, calorie counted, slowly prepared, placed on a plate, with tea and eaten with pleasure. I don't begrudge that sort of eating - just don't like the grabbing ANYTHING from the cupboard and stuffing it down still standing or without pleasure.

Even after just one good day, I feel significantly less bloated. I have, for once, not wanted to get on the scales, not because I'm avoiding them but because I'm trying to break that tyranny and lose weight by "feel" in my clothes. Yesterday, my tummy felt like a football against the waistband but today it is much more comfortable. That is how "slim" women gauge their weight I believe so I thought it would be worth a try with me and I'll weigh in in a few days time to see how I'm getting on. It has taken some of the stress out of gaining, not to see the actual figure on the scale every morning!!

Have a good day bloggers!!


Amanda said...

You sound much better today and so much more in control now, which made me smile this dreary morning.

Try & keep on writing down what you have and preparing & eating for pleasure, not grabbing the first thing that comes to hand. I must take note of this for the weekends where I'm trying to combat my little nibbles!!!

Keep it up & you'll be well on track for the 14th and keep blogging, don't hide if your having a bad day.

Your still doing brilliantly.

Amanda x

Peridot said...

PS You ARE one of those slim women you write about!

Catch up with you when I'm back from holiday.

Peridot x