Thursday, 4 October 2007

Day 266 - Bonjour tout le monde!

Well - another day at the coal face. I've managed to log everything I've eaten and resist a very carb-heavy buffet lunch in favour of a chicken soup pack and pear. I didn't manage to get to exercise though. I was busy over lunch, then had my french class straight after work and it was after 8pm when I got in and I just didn't fancy it!! The telly was calling me - "The Restaurant", followed by Alistair McGowan on "Who Do You Think You Are?". What a blast that was - 6 generations of Anglo-Indians and an Irishman?? Really amazing stuff.

Anyway, I don't feel too bad about the day as I've come in under my 1,800 calorie limit for the day (just). I did have a large skinny cappucino and a biscotti before my french class. I have got in the very pleasant habit of stopping at a service station before my class to finish off (or in some cases do the whole of) my homework. I find it really relaxing and I enjoy my coffee and small treat.

In breaking news though: -

Diarmuid has just called me from the rig and been a total arse!! How to ruin my good mood in one easy move?! It was one continuous nag, criticise, nag, tell me to do something, nag, criticise....I eventually pulled him up on it (quietly and not being confrontational) and he didn't really back down. I try not to argue over the phone while D is on the rig as it's very unsatisfactory and I'm mindful that he is stuck in a metal box in the middle of the sea working long hours etc but this really was too much. It's as if he thinks I'm just here to run around and do his bidding and he can treat me like some guy on his team who isn't quite cutting the mustard!! Not on. Anyway, at least I told him and didn't get over-emotional about it. He'll process it and hopefully will be a bit more conciliatory next time.

No urge to turn to food though so that is a positive. I just feel very sad when he gets like this. How can such a nice, good, solid guy forget all his profession of love and adoration and go all dictatorial and bloshy so quickly and then not have the grace to realise and back down or even meet me halfway?? Whatever I say is (apparently) wrong - I get so frustrated by it.

I can see some retail therapy on the horizon.... which is probably not a great way to ract but stuff it - better than eating!!

And we're going to Ireland when he gets back. He's going to have to do some serious running after me over there because this worm has turned. I'm not taking this bullshit anymore. Let him see how it feels to try and make everything right all the time?!

Grrrrr.... God I'm so angry, really mightily pissed off. I'm glad I can get it all off my chest here as otherwise unwise emails might, as we speak, be being hasilty drafted and sent and, in the mood I'm in, they would not be nice missives!

Hey ho - hope I can sleep now. I'm sure it'll all blow over but this is definitely symptomatic of a little power struggle which has been raging largely (geddit!) unspoken ever since I dropped the weight. Ugly things relationships sometimes....

Night night

Oh and PS. I was going to go on and talk about how I'm eating too much fruit! I looked at the History of my Favourite foods on WLR (my calorie counting site) and it was packed with apples, pears and figs. Not in themselves bad, but way too many of them and I must be eating them when I don't really need them. Must try and limit that or at least eat the fruit consciously and when I WANT it.

I think the fruit may be contributing to my feeling bloated. Does anyone know anything about fruit and digestion?? I've read a few things about not eating fruit with a meal but can't remember when you should eat it. Before, after?


Sandra said...

I enjoyed those TV shows last night - I was just telling Dan about Suetonious MacGowan!
Re: fruit - it ferments in the digestive process and produces gases - hence the feeling bloated. In food combining (similar ideas to Gillian McKeith) they say to eat fruit on it's own if at all and leave a gap before any other food.
Speaking of fruit - I had 2 figs yesterday and they were heaven. I'm being forced to finish LL early due to financial problems and I've decided to use my last week's packs spread over 2 weeks in a sort of mini management. So fruit and yoghurt have come in.

Mrs said...

Bonjour Lesley

I feel as if I have been away for ages - so much has happened.

I have got a lorry load of questions for you; shall I post them on the comments section?

On the D front, well, what can I say? This diet is NOT solely about the weight, is it? You have changed. And what you would have tolerated before, you aren't willing to anymore. You will get it resolved.

There may be turbulence ahead and then you will pass through it.

Massive hugs, lovely Lesley.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs said...

Thanks for your lovely message. I took out your phone number, just in case!

I've been in bed for most of the day, fighting off a nasty cold (first time since LL!). Tomorrow Sunderland are playing Arsenal and we have tickets. Trying to get fighting fit so I can go.

Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you.

Big hugs and kisses.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Amanda said...

Just caught up with your blog & your doing so well with the calorie counting. Keep it up, your doing brilliantly.

Sorry to hear about D & the phone call, hope your OK & don't let it turn you to food.

Keep on posting as it does help in tough times, just getting it off your chest helps.

Also keep up the good work for your trip to Ireland.

(((((Big Hugs)))))

Amanda x

Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hello you,

I hope your feeling a bit better, I'm sorry about your conversation with D, please don't let it get you down.

I hope you post back soon.

take care of you.



Anonymous said...

oh posts..bad sign for you so hope you're OK? How are you doing with the fruit? It does make you v. bloated & I have cut down my fruit intake becaus of this - thought I would take off at some point if I carried on the way I was! Having said that just about to experiment with a WW poached fig recipe!! Hug for you with whatever going on!