Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Day 292 - Ireland report

Wotcha kids. It's a lazy Sunday over here in Ireland. We've just come back from a big Sunday lunch en famille to celebrate D's 40th and his brother's 39th birthday. It was great to pig out without guilt - I've been pretty careful all week, avoiding the bad stuff, not drinking much and jogging nearly every day so I was happy to enjoy a lovely 3 course lunch. Having said that, I feel stuffed now and could do with going for a run later.

I'm obviously a changed woman if I can say that!!

It's weird - we went to the same restaurant for a celebration lunch a couple of years ago and I remember feeling fat then even though I was not at my biggest. I had a smart outfit but was still very self conscious about eating the full meal. This time was a whole different experience, no shame in enjoyong a good meal and no self-consciousness.

We've had a pretty good time over here - met up with nearly all of D's mates from long ago and everyone has been flatteringly shocked by my weightloss! One farmer friend of D's said "well, you're after losing a fair bit of condition on you there..." Likening me to a fattening heifer or something - that amused me!

It'll be interesting to see whether I've gained or lost weight over the week. I haven't weighed myself at all over the week but my clothes don't feel any tighter so I'm hoping to have got away without too much damage.

I can't sort my photos out easily over here but will post some when I get back. Hope you're all going well and will talk to you later. Byee...


Mrs said...

Wotcha Lesley!!!

So glad you had a fabulous time in the Emerald Isle.

You sound really sorted! The fact you could enjoy a good meal is fantastic!

Very envious (in a nice way, obviously)!! Have lost my way a bit but am just riding the storm until I get back into my own home.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

I clearly don't speak Irish.. had no idea what that fella said to you!

In any case, sounds like you're finding the proper balance, which we all strive for, between indulging and being sensible.

Major pats on the back!

Peridot said...

What about going for this Lesley? You'd get those nice photos for free!

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Sent: 24 October 2007 12:34

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So perhaps…
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In search of me said...

Just caught up and sorry to hear that tings have been up & down or you lately! Hang in there; you're running, self aware & dealing with issues rather than just squashing them with food so all in all you're doing pretty well!! Big hugs for you!

chrismars said...

Hi Lesley. A voice from the past! I'm sort of back. Thanks for dropping into me while I was away. I've written a post on my blog to give details of why I've been away so long.

It sounds as though you're having a great time in Ireland. I know how much you were looking forward to showing off to the out-laws!

I'll drop in again soon.

Chris x

Conn76 said...

Sounds as if you are having a great time. I'm just reading through your blog to inspire me to get off tge sofa and go to the gym rather than watch Saturday Kitchen!


Sandra said...

Sounds lovely. And you sound very sorted.


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

Think I am being super thick; when are you due back?

Mrs Lxxxx