Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Day 265 (ii)

Yay!! Another good day. That's 2 in a row!!

I didn't do any exercise apart from a good walk round town at lunchtime as I had loads of chores to do in town and was going to meet a friend this evening but I'm not going to get obsessive about exercising every single day. I'll go running tomorrow and that'll be fine.

Foodwise though I have logged everything and it comes to just under 1,400 calories. I forgot my soup for lunch so got a Boots Shapers salad at 191 calories so one bullet dodged.

Then went to my friends and she had cooked a perfect diet supper of poached salmon with green salad. I had a small glass of wine with supper and resisted the copious volumes of fried carbs littering her kitchen! She went upstairs to put the kids to bed and I was just itching to tuck into a couple of the mini chocolate doughnuts from the giant pack on the counter. I even went as far as opening the pack but shut it again and took an apple instead. That was a serious sucess as surreptitious eatng in a friend's kitchen (of doughnuts!!) would have been a new low!!

She's not seen me for months so was well impressed and really, genuinely pleased for me. We had a good catch up and a really good chat. She's had such a hard time over the last few years and I feel that I haven't really touched the sides as a friend. Trouble is, she tends to hide away when things arte bad so you don't always find out about it until it's too late. Must try harder!!

We will not leave it as long next time. I think part of it has been her moving house and the summer looking after the children by herself and part was my hiding away because of the diet. Now we're back in touch it'll be good to see more of her and the kids. She seems to have turned a corner in her struggles though and hopefully the new house will be a happy place for her.

I don't know how she resists all those carbs though - bread, croissants, mini muffins, mini doughnuts and boxes and boxes of cereals, and that's just what i could see out on the counter!! The boys seems really healthy and sporty though so think they must be just very controlled and she says she only buys sweet treats that she doesn't like - how can you not like choccie doughnuts??!

[That's enough doughnuts - Ed!!]

Sorry for all the food talk. It seems that I write about it when I'm not eating but not when I am so, when my blog is littered with carbs, I'm not....

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