Monday, 29 October 2007

Hello again - after Ireland and a bit of a break

Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been back from Ireland for a week but last week was manic and then the computer went on the fritz. Anyway, we're back and I'll try and do some catching up. Ireland was great - ate well and did loads of exercise but had a pigout on the final weekend which I don't feel too bad about.

The following week, I tried to rein it in with varying degrees of sucess - I wasn't too bad but could have been better and due to work being busy and social obligations, didn't do as much exercise as I'd have liked. I did manage to get to personal training on Tuesday morning and one lunchtime swim at work but that's not great. I definitely feel a bit lardy now and my clothes are tighter all round. I'm not weighing myself as I'm trying to not freak out about weight etc and just treat it naturally.

Over the weekend I went down to London for a friend's surprise 40th birthday treat. We met up in Covent Garden then went to see a matinee performance of Spamalot which was hilarious. Really feelgood and uber-cheesy - perfect. Then back to our respective hotels to change into schoolboy and girl outfits before meeting up at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. That was fun and the looks you get on the tube while dressed as a naughty schoolgirl aged 37 are very entertaining. I had really released my inner Bad Girl and loved every minute! I got chatted up by a couple of young lads in their early 20's I'd say, much to the amusement of my friends who were all coupled up!!

Then finally across town to the School Disco night at the Forum in Kentish Town. Very funny - I was surprseid by the number of young kids there though - I thought it would appeal more to an older crowd who actually remember all the 80's music from first time round! I was also a bit depressed by how overtly sexual the young girls were - all dressed like wannabe hookers a la Britney and dancing like lapdancers. It didn't seem as though they were having much fun. I remember dressing up when I was their age and although we wanted to look "sexy" we still had a laugh etc - these girls didn't look that happy despite their gorgeous figures etc and the lads didn't seem to be paying them much mind. Sigh...

Still - I think we oldies acquitted ourselves well and danced long and hard 'til closing at 3am! Then followed the long walk back to Belsize Park which (with a 20 unnecessary detour) took nearly an hour in high heels and a mini skirt! It was a great night.

So now - diet wise I've given myself a target of 3 weeks during which to lose 5-7 lbs so that I feel a bit more comfy in my clothes and learn to control my weight. I'm yo-yoing around at the moment which isn't great but hopefully if I prove I can do this I'll learn to keep it within tighter limits for the future. Trouble is - I seem to put on weight at the drop of a hat at the mo - I suspect my metabolism has been mucked around good and proper by the diet so it is vey yunstable. Heyho - no freaking out, just learning and coping!

Hope you like the piccies - I'll do some Ireland ones next time.

Hope you're all well and thriving and I'll be dropping by to comment shortly so no slacking!!!


Mrs said...

Hey! Welcome back!


How are you going to lose the weight in three weeks (ie what's your plan)?


Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

Glam said...

Ah, Ireland. It's impossible not to have a great time. I can't wait to go back.
You look impossibly adorable in your schoolgirl getup. I love it.

Glad you had fun and are back with a plan to stop the yo-yo!

Melanie said...

You look beautiful, sexy, slim everything we always knew you would.

Sorry I disappeared for a while, kinda lost it diet wise and put two and a bit stone back on, however, I'm ready to get going again, started up a new blog and begin dieting on 5th November gonna do exactly as I did before.

So glad to see how happy you look, you must be so proud.

Love Mel x x x

Mrs said...

Hey lovely Lesley

Ca va?? Thanks for top comments today; they were perfect. How are YOU?!?!?!?

I'm in between freecycling, box dismantling and groaning under the strain of so much stuff!!!

Hope you are on top form? Give Shelagh a big kiss.

With love, your southern friend!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx