Sunday, 18 March 2018

Lotsa snow

No golf this morning due to snow, lots of snow. We had a good 6 inches of fresh stuff on our driveway and the road through the village was silent until 9ish and then only sported 4x4s for a few hours.

It's a shame as it was the already re-arranged Captain's Drive-in which had to be cancelled. He must be wondering if his long anticipated Captain's year is destined to be doomed by the weather.  Hopefully not.

It did mean we could have a lie in, cooked brekkie, snowy walk, browse of various wedding websites and then cook a roast lamb supper before settling down with a bottle of very tasty Shiraz to watch the final day of the Arnold Palmer Invitational (golf). A lovely, lovely day.

The snow was fresh and wonderland-ish. Although we have had big snowfalls in recent weeks, they have been accompanied by strong winds so the trees have been bare. I love this icing sugar effect.

It was bloody cold though. We wore a lot of clothes and didn't stay out too long so as not to chill the dogs too much or hurt their paws with the snow marbles and grit issues.

Shelagh cannot complete a snowy walk without hunting down a snowball and then carrying it off to be carefully buried in more snow. Today was no different.

Rich is laughing his head off because I had just caught him about to stuff snow down the back of my trousers! I was squatting down fussing Shelagh and suddenly realised that my trousers were a bit low and...yep, sure enough, there he was advancing. I obviously know him too well!!

Shelagh off in burial mode.

This was the selected resting place, between 2 logs. It was a struggle extricating herself but totally worth it!

It is now very cold and my walking companions don't have time for yet more photos - the warm house beckons.

Hope you all had a great weekend, snow or no snow.

On the wedding front we have now picked a date - 1st June 2019. We've booked the church (Bradwell) and the reception (Sickleholme Golf Club). We've worked out our preliminary budget and, providing we don't go crazy and let the little things mount up, what we want is affordable. Phew!

We have room limits of 90 and 120 for day and evening receptions which will be okay but require some care. We thought we had loads of room when we jotted down our first list but of course we had forgotten loads of people so now, not so easy. Fun though.

I'm lost in a welter of questions which didn't exist when I got married the first time. Whether to rely on a wedding app or do it manually? If so, which app? Moposa? Wedding Wire? Do we want/need a wedding website? Can you do "Save the dates" by email? Do you need them at all?  Aaaargh!!

I feel old as most wedding websites seem to be aimed at 28 year old Boho Chic cute young things.....  My style ideas are either so unstylish as to be uncountenanceable (not a word I know...) or waaaay  ahead of the curve. Whatever they are, they do not accord with the mainstream options for invitations and design ideas. Hey ho, I will plug away and get as near to what I want as possible in the end, or give up and conform!!


Seren said...

I’ve decided I’ve had enough of snow and cold weather now. I want some sunshine! And I’m not usually a sun worshipper at all.

Exciting news re wedding. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a wedding app to be honest! I think all of ours was planned out in a notebook - mind you, our plans basically consisted of booze - lots :-)


Stephbospoon said...

We went with the leaf press great service and the invites and matching orders of service were beautiful. Congratulations!

beth said...

Based on my reporting days I can tell you celebs send save the dates by email, and rarely have actual invitations lest the press get ahold of one...;) And based on my own experience (as a guest) I've gotten plenty of save the dates that way, and plenty of invitations via Paperless Post! Most people I know don't even know anyone's snail mail address anymore...