Thursday, 22 March 2018

Target practise

1lb a week. As my future mother in law, Carolyn pointed out, if I drop a lb a week for the next year, I will be 4 stone lighter by the time of my last dress fitting! Put like that, it would rude not to!!

I have still to get a handle on a diet/regime/system for food and drink consumption so am generally just cutting back. This will change.

However, I am making strides on the other strand of this endeavour, the exercise. I went for a run yesterday despite several barriers and joined the gym this lunchtime.  It's happening folks.

Trouble is, in joining the gym, I now have less time for dog walking so my step count is now under pressure.

However, I do think that getting back into working out will be great, my brief 20 minute foray onto the machines today was surprisingly fun. I haven't been in a gym for years though so didn't venture onto any weights machines as I couldn't remember what to do!! I will wait for my programme next week.

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