Saturday, 10 March 2018

Back to normal life

I spoke again to the vet yesterday afternoon. He had discussed Minty with the specialist soft tissue surgeon who has suggested that we hold off operating as she doesn't think the rupture risk is high now after 5 days and she'd like more information first. So we've set up an appointment for Thursday and will take it from there. 

The patient seems fine but we're struggling to keep food in her. She has been sick a few times but also not eating much. I'll keep plugging away over the weekend and then ring the vets to discuss if no better on Monday. In the meantime she is happy and waggy so I'm not too concerned. 

So we're back doing normal stuff. We joined some neighbours for a pub quiz in aid of the Friends of Bradwell School at our local pub last night. I know the other 2 women from doing the panto but this is the first time we've socialised with them as couples. It was fun - we all got on well, drank a bit too much, ate the pie and peas supper and then won the quiz handily. We were a good team - a mix of pop culture and family stuff (not my forte) and then me for the traditional general knowledge stuff. Most pleasing.....not that I'm competitive or anything....he he he

I had a bit of a thick head from the wine this morning so I did not go for a run as planned. Tut tut tut. Must do better. WILL do better.

This first week has not been terrible but I do need to seriously cut back on the booze. So that is next week's mission.

We were at the football today. I managed to convert my usual pints of bitter into gin & slimline tonics so that is a start I suppose. We had a nice chat with pals in the pub then ruined it by going to the match!  We were outclassed by a rubbish side (Bolton Wanderers) but nearly nicked it with a goal on 78 minutes only to throw it away allowing an equaliser in injury time. Boooo!! Hey ho....hopefully we'll stay up and can regroup next season. 

Anyway, I hoping that next week will be easier and I can build on the start I've made. 

So, a few more pics from Oz. We left Perth and flew to Alice Springs before heading out to the Red Centre to see Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and The Olgas as was). These pics are from Alice and beyond. 

Cops on Segways in the Todd Mall. Very friendly too.

My friend Jenny and I worked out at a cattle station called Curtin Springs near Uluru 30 years ago in my gap year before Uni.

When we left and set off up to Darwin, we spent nearly a week in Alice "socialising" with half the Australian army who were support crew for The Great Australian Camel Race as it passed through. We had met them all at Uluru and Curtin Springs so had a marvellous time.

Bojangles was our sleezy club of choice so I was amazed to see it was still there. Sadly greatly sanitized, not the outback boozer I remembered but fun to go back for a nostalgia trip.

This pub was better though. We could sit outside drinking seriously overpriced ale, watching the world go by, being gently blasted with chilled vapour from time to time and watching the Big Bash League (20:20 cricket) on the telly. Bliss.

In the morning it was onto a coach for the 5 hour drive to Uluru. Breakfast stop at tthe Alice Camel farm for your first experience of that bright red earth and brilliant blue sky. It is truly wonderful. I would recommend to anyone.

The huge rock in the far distance behind me is not Uluru but Atila (formerly Mount Connor). It is within the million acres of the Curtin Springs station and it huge.

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murgatroidgerow said...

So glad you're back! Cutting out the cocktails is a tough one, isn't it? It feels like much too much deprivation. Wonderful Australia pics.