Monday, 5 March 2018

From "Happy Happy" to sad and worried.

I felt so positive after I posted first thing this morning.  I was pleased that I had not clapped on an extra half stone in the last few weeks and empowered by being back blogging again.

And it has been a very happy time for our little family recently.  Australia was amazing. Coming back engaged was wonderful.  I was straight into the village pantomime which was great fun (and a bit crazy).  Richard had a brilliant 50th birthday party a few weeks ago.  Even the recent snow blast was good - we had a marvellous cosy, romantic week together with Richard being especially thoughtful and loving.  In fact only last night, I was mildly irritated by him surfing while we were watching TV only to find out that he was spending a chunk of his annual bonus on a new cooker as I'd been complaining about our rubbish cooker.  (All done now - arriving on Friday.)

So I suppose I should have been prepared for some bad news.

But I wasn't.

I took Minty into the vets in Sheffield this morning to be spayed.  We hoped that the spaying would prevent infections (she's had a few over the last year) and also might cut back on her recent aggression towards Shelagh.  Sadly I got a call from one of the vets while she was on the table.  They had found all sorts of "adhesions" in her intestines which are basically a mess.  The spaying took several hours and then, having checked with me first, the vet took a couple of biopsies of her intestines and her lymph nodes to try to work out what is wrong with her.

Whatever it is, the vet did not sugarcoat it - things are not looking rosy for poor little Minty. Not over by any means, but she is unlikely to be outliving her mum.

I spent half an afternoon at work crying on the stairs while trying to work out whether to bring her home or take her to the pet hospital for observation.  Apparently, the biopsy and the state of her intestines means there is a risk they might rupture which would be, bad news.  In the end, after a tearful conversation with Rich, we decided to bring her home.  She will be happier and more relaxed here with us.  Also, if the worst comes to the worst in the next few days, then even being in the vetinerary hospital will not really assist. 

She is presently curled up in her basket, whining very softly occasionally if I don't sit on the floor next to her.  So that's where I am, my bum cold and rapidly going numb. She's eaten and is sleeping quite peacefully though. 

It is very sad as she has been healthy, hearty and full of life.  I hate to think that she might have been in pain, probably not much but from time to time.  I hate to think of the choices we have to make once we know a bit more about what is going on inside her.  Chemo, operations?? Who knows what will be appropriate.  I do know that we'll do it together and with Minty's interests front and centre.


Peridot said...

Oh Lesley, I’m so, so sorry. I know just how hard this is. I’ll be thinking of you.


Lesley said...

Thanks P. She's been a poorly wee mite overnight but she has slept and raten and drunk and been out so hopefully she'll make it through these critical few days. Lxx

Hazel said...

I'm sorry to hear this too, Lesley - it's rotten when your pets are ill and don't understand it. Hope the prognosis is better than you might think. xx

beth said...

Lesley, I am so sorry. Thinking of you. Lots of love, Beth xx

Seren said...

Oh my God! I came on here to post cheery stuff about motivation and weddings and this post...I'm in tears for you. I've got everything crossed, including Minx's tail, that there is good news to come. Love to you and Rich.