Saturday, 31 March 2018

Hardening resolve in the face of no results.

The scales are not being kind. I've found yet another lb!! I suspect this may be a TOTM related addition as I have not been bad but still, I need to be heading in the right direction.

However, I am now a fully fledged gym member with a programme and 1 full visit under her belt. I was so stiff after the induction when I went through my programme that I needed 2 days to recover. In fact even this morning (day 3) I felt stiff but I didn't let it stop me despite some grumblings from my chimp.

I went along, did a full upper, lower and core workout and 20 minutes of cardio and, miracle of miracles, felt good afterwards.

It was a good choice to join as the weather is so rubbish that getting out running and golfing is going to be hit and miss. Now I have no excuses!!

In other news, I have been reading Lisa Riley's Honesty Diet book. It is chiming with me so I've purchased a new notebook and the 8 day kick start commences on Tuesday. She says that from now on I'm going become my own diet coach, personal trainer and therapist. I like the idea of taking responsibility for this rather than passively buying into a weight class or personal training programme. After all, I should be doing this for the rest of my life shouldn't I?

She also recommends that I recruit an Honesty Buddy to talk straight to me and help keep me on the straight and narrow. I have never sought hands on support before and I'm not sure  Rich will be the best at it. I think he prefers to keep out of such matters. I'll ask him...

Last weekend we went to The Belfry for my birthday treat of 2 rounds of golf and a night in the hotel. The weather totally blessed us with 2 sunny days and playing the world famous Brabazon course, the site of so many Ryder Cup dramas, was just fantastic.

It is a tough track. LOADS of water and big carries but beautiful in the sunshine!

Look - t-shirt weather!!

The iconic 10th. I totally mucked it up!!

The even more famous 18th over water then up the hill to the clubhouse. Played it like a goddess - carried the water, perfect lay up behind the second pond, perfect 6 iron onto the green and only just missed my par! Heavenly.


Seren said...

Belated birthday wishes!!

I didn't know Lisa Riley had put a book out - she's done amazingly well! If you ever want a text / email Honesty Buddy then let me know ;)


Lesley said...

Yes please!! A text buddy would be v handy especially for the first few days and then occasionally thereafter. Lxx

Peridot said...

I am not convinced of the wisdom of your fiancé being your honesty buddy! But maybe that says more about me..


Seren said...

D would be a TERRIBLE honesty buddy! He’s got a vested interest in me drinking wine and eating nice food :)