Saturday, 17 March 2018

Icy blast (of weather and reality)

Tired of all those sunny Australian photos?? Let's have a change of pace eh? We were snowed off golf this morning so took the dogs out for a walk. It was freezing cold but clear when we set off but, as you can see, conditions worsened once we hit the hills.

When we came off the fields and turned onto Granby Road we were blasted by icy, powdery sideways gusts; shaving the eyeballs off me. Rich and the dogs were not impressed.

"I have a warm coat and a warm house, Mummy, what am I doing out here??!" Yes, bad dog parent that I am, I had not put her coat on....tut tut.

Alert readers will have noticed a lot of pretty pictures but not much in the way of diet and exercise chat. 'Tis true. I've not actually DONE anything this week.  Sort of watched my food. Cut back on booze quite well, until we nipped out for a couple early doors last night and ended up having a meal and 2 plus bottles of red between us and staying out til all hours!!

(It was a good fun night with loads of people out but not exactly diet friendly.)

Exercise has been woeful though. No runs, one round of golf and a handful of dog walks. Hmmmm

I met a woman in the White Hart last night who also got engaged on New Year's Day. The difference is that they are getting married this August in Ireland so she has not had the luxury of taking things slowly like us!! She was showing me her wedding app and website - such things did not exist when I this last time round. It was good to get the juices flowing on the wedding planning front.

Anyway, I was having a browse through a couple of the apps this morning and it hit me that I really need to knuckle down on the dropping weight. I'm playing at it now, much as I did last year pre-Australia and look what happened then?! Nothing. And we all know that, if nothing changes, NOTHING will change!!

So, as I ramp up my work life now that I feel healthy again. And pick up loads of home and financial chores which have been left undone for too long - you know the tedious changing of gas, electricity, broadband etc etc. And get going on wedding stuff. I must also make time for a proper stab at diet and exercise too; not just saying I'm going to do it and then hoping that it happens without effort being expended.

As ever I have to make a concrete plan and this is it - I'm going to join the local gym tomorrow or on Monday or Tuesday of next week if tomorrow not possible. I'm going to commit to going 3 times per week and see if they have a personal trainer/weight management counsellor at least once a month.

Even if this only takes me through the next 2 or 3 months until the good weather arrives, it should get me moving. I need some actual results!!

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